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international clinical trials

by Jekensony2

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Results from two of the largest international clinical studies performed to date with dental implants have just been published and demonstrate excellent clinical performance. Together, the studies have evaluated more than one thousand Straumann Bone Level implants in Europe, the US and Australia. The scope of these studies is particularly remarkable in view of the fact that most dental implant companies do not conduct clinical trials because they want to cut costs and do not have the capabilities.
The studies are also remarkable in that they both reported very high implant survival rates of more than 98% with practically no bone loss around the implants. dental equipment The findings are considerably better than values reported in a comprehensive review of previously published studies with other implants[1]. The new studies add to the wealth of strong clinical evidence backing the Straumann dental implant system and thus provide very good reasons for patients and dentists to insist on Straumann implants rather than undocumented alternatives.
The first study was a randomized controlled clinical trial (RCT) at 11 clinical centers in Europe, USA and Australia[2]. RCTs are the benchmark in clinical research because they offer the highest level of clinical evidence. micro motors However, few are performed with dental implants and very rarely on such a large scale.
This RCT has evaluated 106 patients each treated with one implant and followed for three years. The investigators compared the outcomes of two different approaches - the first involving two surgical steps, in which the implant is covered with gum tissue ('submerged') during healing, and the second involving just a single step, ultrasonic dental scaler in which part of the implant is left exposed ('transmucosal') thus saving a second surgical operation.

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