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Liposuction Can Boost Self-esteem

by gregore

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As with most cosmetic surgeries, liposuction (or lipoplasty) has developed over time into an effective and safe surgical procedure.  The equipment that is used today is modern, state of the art, and less invasive than ever. There have been countless procedures performed over the years. Plastic surgeons that specialize in lipo have garnered a tremendous amount of practical experience. The surgery is an outstanding method for dealing with unwanted pockets of fat that accumulate around the stomach, thighs, hips and buttocks, which do not respond to diet and exercise. This is a problem as we get older. It becomes increasingly difficult to get in the shape that we desire.


As effective as liposuction in Houston is at sculpting and contouring the body, it should not be confused with a method for losing obese weight. The lipo candidate should be close to their ideal body weight. You will lose some weight, but it will likely be around ten pounds or fewer. What occurs during the procedure is the surgeon contours your figure to resemble what it looked like (or better) before you started having issues with the hard to lose fat around your tummy, etc. Both men and women can benefit from the procedure. It is not geared towards women as so many cosmetic surgeries are.


There are several types of liposuction procedures being performed today. Two very common types that are in use today are Suction-assisted, and Ultrasonic-assisted. Suction-assisted is the original technique and has been used with great success for years. Ultrasonic-assisted uses the same tools as Suction-assisted, but with the addition of a device that generates ultrasound. This is used to rupture the fat cells, making them easier to remove. Your surgeon will determine which procedure is best suited for your individual needs. Both procedures require a general, local, or intravenous anesthetic.


The liposuction procedure definitely improves quality of life. Losing fat is healthy, and patients report, that after lipo, they are motivated to keep the weight off, through diet and exercise. Finally having the figure that you desire will make you feel better in general. Looking good in swimwear and clothing will almost always boost your confidence and self-image. Liposuction patients have a high rate of satisfaction post-procedure. The majority of them would have it again, and definitely recommend the procedure to friends and family.


As with any surgery, finding the best Houston liposuction surgeon is essential. He or she will be the most important part of the equation. There are minimal risks involved with liposuction; however, since it is surgery, there exists the possibility of complications. A highly skilled, board certified plastic surgeon will reduce these risks even further. The procedure is designed to maximize your appearance. There is no guarantee that the results will bring you happiness, even if you are satisfied with the way you look. Happiness depends on many factors. Still, when we look our best we tend to feel pretty good.

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