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There is a myth:ponytail will damage hair

by goodreader

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You may suppose nothing of actuation your into a decent coiffure. After all, it honors your mother’s needs for you to induce the hair out of your face and could be a straightforward thanks to win a neat and clean look. This retiring updo sported by girls and ladies of all ages really features a terribly dark aspect. Wear a decent coiffure too typically and you will expertise breakage, slowed growth and even hair loss.
Ponytail injury
A tight coiffure puts undue tension on your hair strands. your hair may very well appear to prevent growing once you repeatedly wear tight ponytails as a result of it's perpetually breaking at constant distance from the scalp whenever you place it up. Your hairs stretch and also the outer layer, referred to as the cuticle, becomes distorted. Your hair might break, making frizzle even once you wear your hair down.
Hair Loss
In some cases, tight ponytails will cause traction phalacrosis. this kind of hair loss is caused by constant actuation on the follicle. African-American girls are notably at risk of this condition. Tight braid and cornrows area unit different potential causes.
You can minimize the injury caused by ponytails by selecting mild accessories. Don’t simply grab a elastic band from your table drawer. Use a specially-designed snag free band or a cloth scrunchie to reduce the strain placed on your strands.
Damage management
If you are doing not address hair loss thanks to constant actuation, you may for good injury the follicle and truly lose the power to ever grow healthy hair. Wear your hair down as typically as doable. If you would like to wear your hair back for your job, think about using designs that don't place the hair below extreme tension, like loose braids or twists. you'll additionally vary the position of your updos to stop overstressing sure components of your hair.



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