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New & Improved Aluminum & Brass Construction wares

by williamssam

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Any form of construction ranging from heavy weight to weight requires the supply of aluminum and brass holdings to stand against corrosion and time. Over billion pounds of aluminum are used every year for construction purposes across the world.  The aluminum is used during the construction of roofs, wall or flooring. The intrinsic property of aluminum which allows it to be constructed and de-constructed into various forms makes it a favored choice among builders.

 Numerous companies have come up in the wake of 21st century as top suppliers of aluminum and brass products. All Metal Sales Corporation or (AMSC) has come up as a leading supplier and distributor of aluminum and brass construction products across the world.

 Aluminum is used in both residential and commercial construction purposes. Today it is used in heavy construction purpose like building of wells, bridges and oil rigs. This metal combination is low weight but extremely durable and possess high strength. Aluminum is has became a replacement building metal in the scenario, where concrete and steel bridges and building are on the verge of re-construction.


Aluminum sheet by All Metal Sales Corporation or (AMSC) provides a high degree of heat reflectivity irrespective of the kind of roofing. These aluminum sheets are modified to deflect maximum heat generating rays of the sun, this helps in less heat absorption to the interior of the construction. Reflectivity it is fairly important in today’s construction, therefore aluminum sheet which provide the ‘cool metal roofing’ is becoming important to builders.


Aluminum tread plates from All Metal Sales Corporation are extremely ductile and can be fitted in varies profiles. These are highly functional and can be used in wide range of construction purposes. The non-slip and patterned design is a useful alternative to the otherwise plain aluminum sheets. The corrosion resistance surface is durable and is combined with excellent strength and formidability. These Aluminum tread platesare weldable and also suitable for fabrication. The standard thickness range of one Aluminum tread plate is 3.0mm – 6.0mm.

 The ideal use for Aluminum tread plates are on decking, walkways, stair treads. It is also used both indoor and out doors including road transport industry, vehicles, trailer design and other repair works. Numerous design designs are also available in accordance with builders preferred choices.

 Brass construction wares which include Brass Tubes are made from a combination of zinc and alloy. Some inherent properties of brass make it preferable than other materials. Brass tubes are used for carrying water, slurries, chemicals, gasses, ECT. These Brass pipe fittings are available in numerous shapes and are corrosion resistant. These brass tubes from All Metal Sales Corporation are easy to install and can be applied in various fields.

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