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Pending Bills to Influence Change in Design of Annapolis Win

by kristopherdiss

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President Obama's latest update to his climate change game plan has everyone, including roofing and window companies, on edge. With his plan's main focus on energy efficiency, the Annapolis windows of today may be due for a design overhaul to comply with tomorrow's standards. Furthermore, he has the means to set his plan in motion: an avalanche of pending bills in Congress.

Windows have always advocated energy efficiency in terms of reducing the need to switch the heater or air conditioner on often. Keep as much heat in or out of the house as possible and energy woes will be well behind you. Obama's plan, which is nothing less of a major drop in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, will see major changes in the way windows and other products are made. Whether or not his plan will be effective is, for now, anyone's guess.

Both the Senate and House are poised to review their own load of legislative proposals soon. Among these proposals include the All-of-the-Above Federal Building Energy Conservation Act, sponsored by Senators John Hoeven (R-ND) and Joe Manchin (D-WV). Under the act, federal buildings are required to reduce their energy consumption by three percent every year, using the 2005 figures as a baseline.

These proposals are challenging window manufacturers and more; they clearly call for efforts to make windows more efficient than they are right now. Although a major design overhaul will have an indirect effect, the fact that buildings use less energy as a result of quality windows is still a significant effect. After all, the learning curve never stops.

Residents will also be affected by the change with proposals designed to help low-income families use energy-efficient windows in Annapolis and other products. This is exemplified in the Weatherization, Enhancement, and Local Energy Efficiency Investment and Accountability Act, also under discussion in the Senate. This just goes to show that the POTUS is dead serious about curbing climate change. However, does the rest of America share his seriousness?

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