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Untimed landline calls: landline calls are more secure than

by ramondjose

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Landlines have always been an affordable option over the time. Though the mobile phones and internet have been the replaced the means of communication still the landline are in demand for some people.


There has been a drastic change the way we are communicating with each other when compared to the past. The uses of mobile phones and internet have revolutionized the ways of communication. The landlines have taken a backseat with the emerge of cell phones. Cell phones have replaced the landlines in every field. A landline connection seems to be an outdated method for communication. Though there many advantages of using the mobile phones and internet as a means of communication, however the humble landline maintained its position over the years as a stalwart in the society. as it is agreed upon the fact that using the wireless technology for communication could be the cheapest way however the cost of replacing the technology could outweigh these benefits although the Untimed landline calls will not provide a free phone line but still it could be the cheaper option when clubbed with other services.


Benefits of the landline:


There are few benefits with the landlines which are being taken for granted. There is a since of security with the landline connections. Landline connection offers security which is far better than the modern wireless technology. As it is quite easy to hack and gain access to personal information from an online conversation or from the cell phones. This is the main reason why business is more reluctant to replace their landlines completely. The most important point to consider in the usage of landline is the quality and the reliability of the service provided. People who uses the mobile phone or who surfs the internet would testify the signal strength or the broadband speeds would vary depending upon the location or even the time. At the peak hours the internet speed tends to slow down across the board, severely affecting people’s ability to browse. An important advantage of the landlines is that they offer free emergency phone calls .the ambulance and police services may experience and encounter problems in identifying the caller locations. This could risk the people’s lives due the delayed response.


Landlines are more affordable:


In emergency situation if one is unable to give proper and clear details about the location to the operator then they might be in trouble. But having a landline connection could save ones life. As it holds a prominent place in our lives for so long that we can’t bear it demise. It’s true that we have abandoned the landline over the modern technology there are few people who are not ready to leave the traditional Untimed landline calls.It was believed that the people would abandon their landline service because of the huge flexibility offered by mobile phones. The reality does not seem to be the same as predicted. Though there is a significant drop in the number of residential fixed lines but the people with both the mobile and landline connection is far greater. One more reason to have landline connection is to doge excessive charges by the phone operators for certain services.


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