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The Center for Tubal Reversal Surgery

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Tubal reversal surgery is offered by the Dr. Morice and his team who is well experienced surgeon and microsurgical specialist and providing these facilities in Morgan, USA. It is sought by women with sterilization who desire to become pregnant.  

The Atchafalaya Tubal Reversal Center is one of the first in the Morgan, USA. We provide you best chances of conceiving tubal reversal surgery and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) with some specific factors. Tubal reversal is usually designed with outpatient procedure, patients can move back in your home in same day after the surgery. Recovery of surgery take one to two hours and after 48 hours, patient can take bathe. This is not a long process of months; patient could heal after one to two weak s.

Although, there are some factors of the tubal ligation surgery which depends on the women successful pregnancy rate such as:

  1. Age of the women (tubal reversal surgery prefer for below 35 years age women)
  2. Segments of the egg sperm
  3. Woman ovulates
  4. Methods of the Tubal sterilization surgery

If the woman’s fallopian tubes have been removed or burned then there are low chances to recover tubes through surgery.

Laparoscopy is an outpatient surgical procedure where by the patient has small incisions made in the abdomen. It is utilized in many aspects of microsurgical surgery. The main advantage of the laparoscopic is that it is only one centimeter in size compare to other approaches for surgery so it is called mini-laparoscopy. Laparoscopy requires five small incisions whereas it is requires just only one to two weeks for healing.   

For tubal reversal surgery our expert Dr. Morice uses the mini laparotomy, microscope and best delicate techniques to remove the scare tissues and reattach the fallopian tube again. It is relatively new technique with limited amount and cost-effective with low prices in the worldwide. Although the laparoscopic approach does not use a microscope technique but these are both probably similar.  

In addition, our surgeons and group of nurse’s team will assist you in removing the tubal ligation problem because they can interfere with pregnancy. Non cancerous growths can reduce your more successful chances of pregnancy because there are some cases are gynecologic and most health insurance will cover you plan’s cost of removing unless. We will schedule your preoperative consultation with your surgery and will be accessible medical staffs that will postoperative care to you.

We hope you enjoy the actual tubal ligation reversal surgery procedure. This procedure is narrated our Dr. Morice and his team.

Please visit: to learn and know about Dr. Morice and reservation procedure of tubal reversal surgery. If you have any question about tubal sterilization surgery, you can ask our dedicated nurses staff and doctors.  Get your tubal ligation reversal surgery from expert surgeon and standard low affordable price. 

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