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Self Catering Apartments In Big Demand From Business Visitor

by rickeythomos

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A vast majority of visitors to London city, including business visitors, is seeking the privacy and home like comforts of serviced apartments which are also known as aparthotels. Compared to expensive hotels these short stay rental apartments are economical and are rich on all modern facilities that are normally available in a hotel. What the guest will miss in a hotel is a personal space, homelike atmosphere and privacy. In a serviced apartment all these are in plenty.

Cost Advantage

Within the wider category of serviced apartment there are self catering apartments which offer the guests the facility to cook own meals in the well equipped kitchen and save the money that normally gets wasted on huge restaurant bills.

Favourite of Business Class

In recent years, there is constant demand for serviced apartments from Business travellers visiting London. They have already moved away from the hotel rooms and take up residence only in short term serviced apartments for the entire duration of their stay. Same is the story with executive personnel who relocate to the city. They come in hordes to serviced apartments for partaking in seminars, exhibitions, training and other corporate events. The charm of short let apartments seemed to have infected every traveller with destination London.

Pull of Amenities

What attracts people to serviced apartments than a standard hotel room is its space vis a vis a hotel room. There will be well furnished living room, bedroom, bathroom and a well equipped kitchen where a guest can cook own meals at his one pace. The living area offers a place to relax and even work. The amenities include Plasma Screen TV, DVDs, free WiFi Internet, washing machine, dishwashers etc. There is also provision for maid service. To top it all, the apartment is always cheaper by more than 50 percent than a hotel room. So who can avoid the pull of a well, self-catering apartment with housekeeping and maid service?

Good for Business Travellers

Serviced apartments are flexible at several fronts as far as a business or leisure traveller is concerned. They can be booked as a short let accommodation for any length of time—it can be a couple of nights to even 3 months. Longer the tenancy less will be the rental charges.

On occasions, when a business team travels in a group it makes sense to be in apart hotel with self catering facilities they can stay together than taking separate hotel rooms that are too costly and inconvenient also.

Good Locations

Most of these apartments are located in the central London locations. That way it also reduces the travel costs and commuting time within the city. By choosing short stay apartments London all types of visitors can enjoy a better living environment that is cosy, spacious and value for money accommodation on any day.

Rickey Thomos is the author of this article on Self Catering Apartments for short term accommodation in London, UK.

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