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Remodeling in Bethesda That Could Increase a Home’s Resale V

by kristopherdiss

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Owning a home in Bethesda, Maryland could be one investment that might pay off big time in the future. The city’s proximity to Washington DC and its many restaurants and attractions make Bethesda a prime housing location. There is a way, though, to increase the value of a home in case a homeowner decides to sell there: renovation.

Money begets money. Remodeling in Bethesda may be quite expensive, but an improved space promises bigger returns. Here are some areas in the home that should be creatively refurbished, as they are the ones that many prospective buyers carefully inspect:

The floor is one feature that could create a lasting impression on a potential buyer. Typically, according to, preferred floors are those made of hardwood; and this should be properly refinished. If the budget could only stretch so far to accommodate hardwood floors, breathtaking carpeting is the next best thing. Floor coverings in a light tan shade could fetch a higher resale value because of its neutral color—the new homeowner could easily work around that.

The next parts of the house whose appearance could help increase resale prices are the walls and ceilings. Remember, potential buyers look for signs of roof leakage and other structural defects like cracks and holes by looking up and sideways. This can be easily remedied by a fresh coat of paint in muted colors, or wood paneling installation and wallpaper application.

Remodeling in Bethesda is not complete without some major changes in the kitchen. This is one area in the home where cutting corners is not recommended, as an updated kitchen look almost always translates to a hundred percent in returns (at least according to Remodeling magazine). Invest in appliances that will modernize the kitchen, and with the help of an experienced builder, take down the cabinets if they are too outdated.

A higher curb appeal, which exteriors and roofing are major factors in, likewise means increased price upon reselling. If repairs no longer cut it, better have the whole roof replaced; it's quite a steep price to pay but it's worth it when the home is sold. Windows, doors, fences, sidings, and other areas outside will have to be spruced up as well. For more remodeling tips, check out this website:

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