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Hiring The Appliance Repair Ann Arbor

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Reliable Appliance Repair Ann Arbor Company contracts with homeowners to repair their major appliances, electrical systems, and plumbing, all for a single annual fee. When a homeowner needs a repair, he calls appliance repair and speaks to a dispatcher who sends a qualified technician from a participating repair company. The participating repair company then charges reliable for the repair. Each dispatcher has an employee number, name, home address, and home telephone number. Each homeowner has a contract number, name, home address, home telephone number, and contract renewal date. Each job has a unique job number, date, and time. Each job is handled by one dispatcher and, obviously, involves one homeowner.


There are three kinds of jobs: appliance repair, electrical repair, and plumbing repair. For an appliance repair, the company wants to record the appliance type, its model number, its serial number, and the name of the appliance repair company assigned. In addition, technician or company wants to keep track of the manufacturer of the appliance. For each appliance manufacturer it lists the manufacturer name, headquarters address, and telephone number for parts ordering. There is a calculation for the charge that the appliance repair company makes to reliable based on the type of appliance and the time spent. For a plumbing repair, technician or company keeps track of the name of the plumbing company and the length of time for the repair, but beyond that it makes a distinction between inside repairs and outside repairs such as to sewer lines or septic tanks.


Charges from the plumbing company to appliance repairare based on a specific plumbing charge formula but are calculated differently depending on whether the repair is an inside or outside repair. Also, for outside repairs, company must record the distance from the house to the main sewer line or septic tank. For an electrical repair technician or company tracks the length of time for the repair and the amount and type of wire used in the repair. There is a formula for calculating electrical repair charges based on time and the specialized materials used. Company must also keep certain information about the electrical contracting company assigned to the repair. This information includes the contractor’s license number, name, address, and liability insurer. A particular electrical contracting company can be involved in many repairs. It is important that one consider a lot of things before hiring the Appliance Repair Ann Arbor technician or company. Only with proper research and information customer could make the right decision.


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