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Chinese Valentine’s Day

by luciezhang

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Primarily, women and men begin new lives in love. For some, romantic love is inspiration, motivation—their reason to be. They believe that love can be found anywhere, even in every corner – it is just around us.

We have all experienced love and romance. It made us feel comfortable and safe. When someone loved us, we are secured and at ease in every situations. Likewise, it adds richness to our respective lives. That’s why there are different beliefs and how celebration of love –Chinese Valentine’s Day, start and go. This is patterned in a certain culture that ennobles passionate and romantic love. It is a cultural obsession, an empirical ideal anchored to our experiences and background.

Chinese celebrates Valentine’s Day on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month. Imagining the scenery on this day, love and romance are prevalent. It adds color to the surrounding where you can feel the essence of it by simply looking up at the sky. By doing this, you can find love and romance on in the dark blue sky. Chinese people believe in the story behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

The weaving girl, youngest daughter in the seven of the Queen of Heaven, together with her sister worked so hard to weave the colorful clouds in the sky. They were too busy doing their work in the east of the Milky Way, the Star Vega. Also, there was a cowboy led a poor and lonely life with an old ox. This cowboy is in the west side, in the constellation of Aquila. Because of the ox leading towards the direction of the young girl, he had found his life. They fell in love with each other and decided to live together on the earth. However, the Queen was annoyed in the situation of the couple. The weaving girl left her husband lonely where she is flying back to the Heaven under duress. The cowboy was heart-broken likewise, the woven clouds in the sky was full of sadness because the girl missed her husband. Suddenly, the Queen decided to meet one time a year in the Magpie Bright that across the Silver River. And, 4 August in the sky, happens the meeting of the Star Vega and constellation of Aquila.

There are various <a href="">chinese traditions</a>practiced with the Chinese Valentine’s Day. They offer prayers to Zhi Nu coupled with melons and fruits for them to have a perfect match. They also try to place needles in the water. Happens that the needles do not sink, they believed that they are going to find their partners at mature age. Also, lovers prefer to go in match-making temple for a blessing on their life ahead. At night, when the sky is full of stars, they are busy watching because they believe that this is the right time where Vega and Altair come close which is considered to be the best encounter.

These are story and some traditions associated with the Chinese Valentine’s Day. These can be used as an outline for our living especially in terms of love and romance. What matters most are the communication, understanding, acceptance, and trust with your partner in life. Do not forget the real value of the celebration – that is love and romance.


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