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Revitalising Australian Cities and Towns

by watsonryaan

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Today, street furniture offers the perfect solution to renew and revitalise busy Australian towns and cities. Generally perceived as functional and basically serviceable, street furniture pieces that make use of stylish, attractive and unique designs can make most public areas look good and dynamic. With the right furniture pieces, any public area can be restored and enhanced for the general public’s use and enjoyment.

Typical and common street furniture pieces that just blend into the background, such as those made from concrete or plain wood are normally ignored and undervalued. While the pieces are functional and can provide comforts and benefits in any public place, pieces such as bollards, bicycle stands, bin enclosures, planters and outdoor bench seating are normally ignored until the need for them arises. For instance, simple outdoor benches are a comfort to someone looking for a place to just lounge, relax and unwind. Such public features can be found in most city and urban areas.

Despite the fact that street furniture are seen and used every day, not much importance is given to them. Some people do not realise that these somewhat mundane furniture provide our daily lives with a bit more enjoyment and comfort. With most cities and urban areas’ rapid pace of growth and increase in foot traffic, most street furniture pieces also play an important role in terms of security and provision of general public areas wherein anyone can just relax and enjoy. We should also remember that street furniture are not placed just about anywhere due to a particular use. Most of the time, city councils and engineers determine strategic places where pieces will be placed to add value and design to any area or location.

However, there are some problems with the quality of some street furniture today, including chipped paint and finish which reveals the cast iron material underneath, and which can also stick on an unsuspecting person’s clothes. For this reason, one of the most popularly used material for street furniture is stainless steel. Stainless steel street furniture is available in a wide variety of designs and finishes: from matte to bright-coloured, brushed to engraved, and can be embossed or tinted. While stainless steel outdoor furniture is a bit more expensive, the life span is far greater than outdoor furniture made from other materials. At the same time, stainless steel outdoor furniture is durable, hard-wearing, and recyclable – thereby making it more environment-friendly as well compared to wood or resin made furniture.

Overall, aside from being functional, street furniture provides a good impression of quality living in most cities and urban areas. And with all the stylish and top quality outdoor street furniture currently available in the market today, city councils and engineers will have no problem at all revitalising and modernising most cities across Australia.

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