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Saying Goodbye to a Friend

by stellalewis101

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Do you know how it feels like to let go of someone you love so dearly? Do you know how all of sudden you become so empty? That feeling when you are forced to loosen up your grip to something you hold on very tightly in order to have its most-awaited release – that's exactly how it feels like to let go of the car that accompanied you for some time. Fortunately, however, junk car buyers put a little effort in making things easier for you. No kidding! Some companies offer free junk car towing to make that formidable goodbye with your junk car less detestable, less emotional and less traumatic.

I perfectly understand if you consider your Chevrolet D-20 your best friend as it has been your constant companion in the glory days of your youth. And although it has been kept for quite some time in the dark corner of your garage, you still can’t let go of it because you can’t just junk a friend like that. Most likely, you have developed a certain connection to your car throughout the years you feel too attached. You have created a relationship and you invested emotionally to it. That's normal! I myself have experienced that. Perhaps it became too comfortable or too dependable that no matter how its motor capacities changed throughout the years, it still remains untouched in your parking space. And you even shrug off all cash offers and services (e.g. free quoting and free junk car towing) of junk car buyers that seem to be nonchalantly concern of how you feel. Of course not, you got it all wrong.

But clearly, there will always come a time when you have to make that decision. When you feel like the cost of repairs is getting too high or when you think you can never rely on it anymore, then it's time to do it. It is time to call your junk car buyer in Virginia, get car quoted and avail of the free junk car towing. Ok. Wait. So now you’re feeling guilty? No. Please. Don't be. You really can’t blame yourself for giving up on a friend after years of being together. Remember, you have tried all your best to resuscitate your car's life, but to no avail it cannot get back to its brand new state anymore, thus, the need to let go.

Come to think of it, a friendship may end but another one will start anew as you get hold of your 2014 Kia Sedona. Abandoning your old car does not necessarily mean you throw away all the memories you’ve had with it. You junk the car but never the memories. Take it as an expression of gratitude instead – and that finally you want your car to have its rest after being of loyal service to you for quite some time.

The truth is it'll be much painful if you dispose of your old friend to the junk site yourself. You give yourself a chance to change your mind. But with free junk car towing services offered by companies, you bid farewell to your car as if it'll only pick up some groceries and come back right away. Less painful. I choose to have it that way. How about you?

Stella Lewis is the author of this article on free junk car towing. Know more about free junk car towing in Virginia here.

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