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Why You Should Invest in Holiday Homes Thailand

by adtronics09

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If you are a Thai citizen you will find it easier to invest in holiday homes Thailand than foreigners. This is because foreigners are not allowed to own property in the country – they may only purchase land leasehold property because they are foreigners. However property such as luxury villas for sale Thailand are really attractive investments whether you intend to live in these luxury villas Hua Hin or you want to rent them out instead.

For a foreigner who wants holiday homes Thailand land leasehold may last up to 30 years only. However they may ask for a special contract extending this land leasehold for two possible extensions – this means the land leasehold may last up to 90 years maximum. This is an ideal arrangement for foreigners who need to stay in the country long term and who have family living with them. Even if they cannot buy the property outright they still get to enjoy living in luxury villas Hua Hin anyway.

A Thai citizen who owns holiday homes will be able to put up their property for sale Hua Hin or simply rent it out to recover their investment – provided that the luxury villas are well maintained. For some it may make sense to rent out the property rather than put it up for sale because the market for property sales may not be that profitable yet. Even renting out your villa Hua Hin can be lucrative if the tenants pay their rent regularly and religiously for the long term. If you find that tenants are only interested in renting for a few years at the time you can still recoup your investment if you are able to get tenants to replace previous tenants continuously.

Renting out or selling a villa Hua Hin can be even more profitable for you than keeping your money locked up in the bank. This is because you can get a better return on your investment – however the catch is that the return is not guaranteed (unlike money in the bank where it will gain interest as long as you keep it locked in). If you are familiar with dealing with foreigners you can rent out your luxury villas Hua Hin to them for a pre-set duration of time. Be sure that the foreigners have financial capacity to pay when they opt to rent from you – you may opt to ask for post-dated checks as proof that they can pay the appropriate rent. You may also ask for proof that they are gainfully employed before you agree to rent out your villa Hua Hin to them.

The point is that all property transactions offer both opportunity and risk. You have the opportunity to get a good return on your investment but you have to risk finding a good pay or who wants to lease or buy your property from you. If you value your villa more than getting a return on the investment and you have enough to live on anyway you can also simply live in the property yourself so you can enjoy the amenities of the property.


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