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Why Wooden Toys are Better than Plastic Ones

by stevenedward

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In today’s times, we live in a world where more than half the articles found in our homes is made of plastic, be it our water bottles, food containers, or other items of household. This count is bound to be higher in a household with a baby or a toddler, as most of their toys would be made of plastic.

The popularity of plastic toys can be accredited to several reasons including their lightweight and pocket-friendliness. However, the experience of playing with wooden toys such as wooden cars or trains cannot be matched by their plastic counterparts.

Why wooden toys?

To begin with, the intricate craftsmanship of wooden toys cannot be matched by plastic toys. Wooden trains are easily the most popular choice among toys made of wood. These finely-crafted trains are painted in rich colors and have a non-toxic coat to eliminate the risk of any health problem that can be caused if the toddler touches it with his or her mouth.

In addition modern high-gadget driven toys are often designed to amuse and distract children with their loud decibels. On the contrary, wooden toys inspire creative and imaginative play in children, and allow them to engage in a more meaningful way.

The natural textures of wooden toys are said to stimulate the child or toddler in more ways than one. They allow children to stimulate their senses through touch and help develop cognitive and problem-solving skills.

Moreover, these toys last for generations and often become a part of the family heirloom that is passed on from a father or a mother to his or her baby. To add to it, these toys call for very little effort when it comes to maintenance. All you need to do is dust them regularly and clean them occasionally with mineral oil or lemon. Additionally, they are not even eco-friendly unlike wood that is a green material.

Other reasons to buy wooden play items

If the reasons mentioned in the above paragraphs are not enough to convince you to buy a wooden toy for your kid or as a gift item for a toddler, here are some more reasons why you should go ahead with the purchase. One of the biggest benefits of buying wooden play items is that they are extremely durable, as they are made of much stronger material than plastic that can break or chip with ease, thus rendering the toy unsafe and unusable.

As already mentioned above, handcrafted wooden toys such as wooden cars and wooden trains are more than just play things and often become a collectible. These are often crafted by master wood craftsmen and have a unique appeal that is often missing in plastic toys that are manufactured in huge numbers in a factory assembly line. Finally, the feeling of nostalgia that is attached to toys made of wood is hard to find when it comes to play items made of plastic.

About the author:

Steven Edward is a writer and blogger who loves to write about the shopping industry. Off late he is writing on subjects related to children's toys and online toy stores. In this article he has written about wooden cars, wooden trains, childrens wooden toys, and different other themes of toys.

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