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Modular and Effective Stand Design for Exhibition

by anonymous

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The stand design for exhibitions is one of the best marketing tools that is available to exhibitors who wants to communicate with their buyers and advertise their products to the general public. Nowadays there is a huge choice of exhibitions from which they can choose this is why companies mostly find themselves attending exhibitions that are not actually related to their product of service.

If you are attending any exhibition for the first time then keep in mind that you would be offered some options by the organizers, this consists of a rented floor space with wall, lightings and some electrical sockets. The exhibitors have the choice of bringing both their own display unit and counter or they can hire directly from the official contractors who are hired by the organiser of the Events & Exhibitions companies.

Sometimes the manager or organizer of exhibition employs a designer who designs an exhibition stand and is often commissioned by the exhibiting company. The designer first take a design brief from the exhibiting company and design a three dimensional concept that is based on the design brief.

Most of the times, the stand designer restricts his creativity according to the budget of their client. This makes it more challenging for the clients but some designers’ shows some unique and creative ideas that can set them apart from the competitors. Many exhibitors want that their stand must have to be reusable because they might want to use it in further exhibitions.

Mostly during the exhibition, the exhibitor will find themselves located very close to their competitors, but at this moment what makes them standout and appear unique is the design and build quality of the exhibition stand.

The organiser of exhibition imposes strict guidelines about the heights and dimensions of stand. Taking care of this is the responsibility of the stand designer who provides their client with the innovative and creative stand while at the same time obeying the restrictions imposed by the organizers.

The choice of materials and finishes picked by the designer will reflect the value of brand and corporate identity. The design of stand might also incorporate, depending on the requirements, additional features like flat screen television, influential graphics and attractive lightning.

The Ramadan Tent Dubai and exhibition stand designs begins its development process once a prearranged space is fixed on the floor of exhibition hall. Then the exhibitor is offered with various sizes of stand they can choose from depending on the floor plan. It depends on the organizers of the exhibition that how much space they are renting out that accommodates their need and their budget.

The designer of stand usually becomes the project manager for the exhibition and is responsible for dragging-in all the skills to ensure smooth and positive installation. They are also held responsible for the management of electricians, crew members and other skilled workers.

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