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Places and activities you must not skip while going to Egypt

by askaladdin

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Egypt is a devastatingly attractive country and one which will make you swoon and drool in ecstasy! It is easily the most coveted destination in the whole wide world and is visited by an incredibly huge number of foreign tourists. If this is your maiden trip to this country, then some information about places and activities should come handy.

So, here are some top places and activities you must not skip while going for an Egypt vacation:

i. Pyramids of Giza: Though, Egypt has pyramids at several sites, you should never skip Giza! At Giza, you get the highest number of pyramids clustered together. Plus, it is here that you get the tallest ones! The highest one is that of Khufu. It is really tall and one structure which would make the heads of our engineers drop in shame. Besides, at Giza, you also get to ogle at the noseless Sphinx!

ii. Egyptian Museum: Make sure to visit the capital city of Cairo and then make sure to visit the Egyptian Museum! At this place, you get to come across papyruses and mummies! Yes, that much famous mummy of Tutankhamen is also to be found here.

iii. Luxor: Luxor is the town which is easily one of the most loved cities in the country. You dare not exclude Luxor from your plans of Tours to Egypt simply because it has got the largest ancient temple in the world. In addition to that, it has that eerie place called the Valley of the Kings. The name is horribly scary and is in congruity to the ambience! It is the place where around four scores of tombs of different Pharaohs are kept side by side. It is historic and has that feel of macabre! Luxor is also popular for hot air balloon rides which are usually organized over the Valley of the Kings. You get a hair-raising view of the region from that height!

iv. Nile cruise: Nile cruises are one of the biggest draws of the country and you would be really a mad man not to enjoy it! Nile’s name is too reputed to ignore! Besides, once you board the cruise and start exploring the river, you would discover to your delight that it is not just a hyped river. Nile cruises offer great sightseeing since a number of popular attractions can be sighted right from the deck. Besides, the cruises operate in a way that you are allowed to get down at the popular points and allowed to sightsee for an hour or two.


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