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Artificial Insemination and other Fertility Treatment Option

by Princeton123

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Couples suffering from infertility problems, they usually have a difficult time deciding which treatment to take and whether they are ready to undergo these treatments. For couples suffering from this dilemma it is important to look for fertility clinics in NJ that they can trust. They can start by asking references from friends and family or look up clinic reviews online.

Here are some of the treatments used to solve infertility issues.

Artificial Insemination

For men experiencing infertility problems, artificial insemination is one of the most common treatments done. In fact, artificial insemination is considered as the one of the very first forms of fertility treatments with treatments dating back to the 1900s. The process was much simpler back then but with very little success rate. Today, the sperm is washed and placed inside the woman’s uterus and goes by an even more technical term: the Intrauterine Insemination or the IUI.

Artificial insemination is done if a woman has a sperm allergy or her partner has very low sperm count or motility. The treatment itself can last for an hour but a woman will need to be on fertility drugs for up to a week before the insemination is done. Success rate depends on the gravity of the fertility problem and some women only need to undergo one procedure and can successfully give birth after, while some will have to undergo up to six cycles of insemination before they successfully get pregnant.

Fertility Drugs

Another form of fertility treatment is fertility drugs and are often taken while undergoing another treatment.  These drugs are best taken if the couple is experiencing hormonal imbalance and can instantly get your reproductive system back on track.

Assisted reproductive technology

When all else fails modern, hi tech solutions to infertility problems known as ART or assisted reproductive technology is done to ensure that all fertility issues are solved. The most common ARTs are the IVF or the invitro fertilization and the ICSI or the intracytoplasmic sperm injection. In some cases, depending on the age of the patient Egg donation in NJ will be required to ensure a higher success rate.

There are a lot of Fertility Clinics In NJ that offer different solutions depending on which type of infertility problems you are experiencing. It is always important to get an opinion from experts at fertility clinics in NJ regarding tips on how to solve your infertility problems.

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