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Take Care of Your Skin

by agespots

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Normally people think that beauty goes with aging. However, beauty can be restored with proper skin care. One just needs to dedicate some amount of their valuable time to take care of their skin. 

Good age spot remover is as follows: 

* Onion juice mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar acts well as a good age spot remover. Some also mix up honey with it if the vinegar is too sour or strong. 

* The most useful good age spot remover is Aloe Vera. Either the juice or gel of it can be used for any kind of skin problem. It also creates a very fast affect on the skin. 

* In order to remove age spots, lemon juice can also be used. With the help of a cotton ball lemon juice should be applied for at least twice a day. Lemon is recommended as it contains acid in it. 

* Castor oil is also a good age spot remover. It fades away the dark spot as well as the wrinkles. It also makes the skin smooth, soft, glowing and healthy. 

Treatment for hyper pigmentation 

1. Avocado juice can be used to cure hyper pigmentation. Avocado contains Vitamin E which acts as a treatment for hyper pigmentation. 

2. Raw potato juice can also be included as part of treatment for hyper pigmentation. 

3. Different kind of antioxidant creams are there that removes age spots. 

4. Treatments like Microdermabrasion or Laser surgery are there but not recommended. 

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