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Infrastructure As A Service: An Important Part Of Cloud Comp

by swethar

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The cloud computing is now the rage with everyone being keen to invest in their own cloud based platforms. However, it is imperative to know what lies at the base of such a technology. The infrastructure as a service providers offer a number of resources for their end users. While a physical computer or a virtual machine is the most fundamental resource required by the user, Iaas means much more.

The virtual machines that are shared by a large number of users are actually run by a group of hypervisors, which are used together to control a number of virtual machines in the cloud. These hypervisors are also utilized to scale up the operation or scale them down as per the needs of the user.

The Iaas is not limited to the above-mentioned resources only. They also provide a number of additional services including a virtual disk image library and storages. Firewalls, IP addresses and load balancers are also available on request. All these resources are installed within the virtual data centres. The clientele are free to use wide area connectivity as well either via the Internet or through cloud carriers which are virtual private networks, dedicated to a particular or a group of users.

Instead of installing their operating system and application softwares in their own desktop computers or laptop and mobile phones, the users can save precious disk space by allowing the cloud based infrastructure to handle it. The user can manage their own resources by utilizing the cloud patch dedicated to them. The providers can estimate the exact cost of such functions and bill accordingly where the customer has to pay for the use of all resources that has been allocated.

Almost all the major Iaas providers are the IT giants themselves with ‘Google Compute Engine’ and ‘HP Cloud,’ being the leaders in the technology.

While the computer infrastructure can be revolutionized by using cloud computing, it is the world of telecommunications that have been utilizing the Iaas and other related computing systems for connecting through VoIP (Voice over IP) and other services that are not run locally.

Apart from the infrastructure, providers also offer the use of a platform to end users. This helps the user to make use of the entire package of operating system, database, web server, and ‘programming language execution environment’ without having to worry about managing each hardware and software package individually. Both the inflated cost as well as the complexity of having to manage multiple high-end software-hardware combinations can be avoided without the actual work being hampered in any way.

The Paas technology or ‘Platform as a service,’ is therefore, a welcome addition to the world of computer computing. Google App Engine from the search engine giant is also engaged in providing this service apart from its infrastructure as service facilities.

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