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Get Cure in Time If You Are Suffering

by anonymous

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Their mission is to improve your life and your duty is to visit them in time. They are there for you to give world class treatment. You must consider yourself fortunate enough that you are getting adequate opportunities in your own country India. To get proper treatment people come from far distance. Health facility is not proper and perfect in every country thus one has to make their way to several places. And you are one of the luckiest citizens to live in India who are able to get the best treatment in your own country.

Many people have the habit of ignoring pain even if they are getting best surgeon in their own city; whereas people come from abroad to get treatment. From ignorance, I remember one real story that I think is important to share with you. Specially, with those people who ignore pain. For nearly six years, my aunt has been suffering from pain in her Knee Joint. Though she was informed by the orthopedic Surgeon in Delhi for knee replacement, she ignored. She thought that it was total waste of money and time. She did not feel like going for it that time.

She tried everything but nothing worked. Ultimately, she had to go through minimally invasive surgery in India. She went around asking from her friends and sympathizers for their kind advice. Just before, the final pre-anesthesia test happened to talk to one of her friend who had got his wife’s knee joints replaced. He blew the signal and told me to go and consult the best orthopedic surgeons in Delhi immediately.

The doctor told her that her knee joint was in need of replacement. “Can I postpone it?” she asked. The doctor replied, for a month or so, you can, but not beyond. Your knee cartilage is completely worn out. Any further delay will result badly for your health. “Why left knee only?”- was her next question. “I am confident that if I replace your left knee joint now, your Right knee will help you to pull your life.”

Today, nearly a month after operation, she walk nicely, climb 15- 30 stairs or more and do everything myself. There are two different procedures she found different from other hospitals. The operation was done as “Minimal Invasive Surgery that does not involve cutting of any muscle or tendon, result in early recovery. You too can go for it, if you are suffering from any kind of pain. Do not ignore it.

Contact Dr. Shekhar Agarwal, one of the leading orthopedic surgeons in Delhi to get cure in time and not be disabled knowingly.

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