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What to expect from breast augmentation in Houston?

by gregore

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Houston women have been having breast augmentation for years. It is a popular procedure, and its popularity continues to grow each year. Women desire larger breasts for a variety of reasons. As long as augmentation surgery is something you really want, and no one else is influencing your decision, then you will likely be very happy with your choice. Breast augmentation can help you look better in clothes and swimwear, and it can make you look and feel sexier. If you are uncomfortable with the symmetry of your breasts, the procedure will go a long way to making your breasts more evenly shaped.

What to expect from breast augmentation

Choosing to have breast augmentation surgery in Houston is a personal decision. People will be curious about the change, and if you have a dramatic enlargement you will probably have a lot of attention from curious friends, colleagues, and family. It is important that you have a good outlook and a reasonable expectation of what the surgery will do for you. Breast enhancement can improve your figure and at the same time your self-esteem. You will feel better about how you look, and it follows that you will feel better in general. Breast augmentation does not guarantee happiness, but self-improvement typically leads to a better self-image.

The procedure

Breast augmentation procedure is a common surgical procedure and requires you to be under a general anesthesia. You will need someone there to take you home after the procedure. You have a choice of saline or silicone implants. The FDA approves each type. Most plastic surgeons consider both types of implants to be equally safe. Each type of implant comes in diverse sizes and shapes. A lot of surgeons use just one incision for every patient. A good surgeon knows how to use several different incision locations to customize the procedure on an individual basis. Highly skilled surgeons will endeavor to make the incision(s) as small and as concealable as practical. The size of the implant determines where the incision is placed.

Choosing implant size

A proficient board certified plastic surgeon can give advice on implant sizes. You can discuss your goals with the surgeon, and he or she will make recommendations based on your body type. It is a good idea to balance your upper and lower body. Although many women want a substantial increase in size, bigger isn’t always better and may not look natural.

Once you decide that augmentation surgery is something that you want, make an appointment with Memorial Plastic Surgery's breast augmentation surgeon for an initial consultation. Be open about what you would like to achieve with the procedure and your specific desires. Your surgeon should have before and after pictures of actual procedures. These will help you in your decision. You can even bring pictures of breasts that you regard as attractive. Ask your surgeon about his or her training, and how much experience they have with the procedure. Improving the shape and size of your breasts can be very rewarding and leave you a satisfied and happy cosmetic surgery patient in Houston.

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