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Meditation Techniques Helps You To Attain The Spiritual Awak

by anonymous

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In the present day, the importance of meditation is more as compared to earlier days. Today everybody is running after materialistic comforts and gains, the society being exposed towards unparallel violence with people becoming intolerant and aggressive towards each other. There is a sharp decline in humanity and degradation of moral values and ethics. A large number of people from all walks of life irrespective of their age are showing the interest to know more and more about spiritualism, there is a need of the hour to educate and expose the people towards the world of spiritualism. This is why we can see there is a growing need for Meditation Classes.

Broadly meditation is remembering Almighty God. There are various ways to do so and such paths are called Mediation Techniques. Lord Ramakrishna Paramhansa have always put immense emphasis on meditation since he said that can be no easy way to reach Almighty God. In his unique and simple manner he asked people to remember God and to do so he said that one simply is required to close his or her eyes and think of God. Actually he wanted to stress on the philosophy of concentration which is the ultimate in meditation. Later Swami Vivekananda carried his master's teaching to the western countries.

Meditation Classes are sessions where the master or teacher teaches various Meditation Process through which the disciple learns to meditate in the correct manner and attains spiritual awakening. Speaking of spiritual awakening, it has a deep connection. Some people experience both light and bliss. During meditation, some may even experience rising from the seat and flying in the air. The process or techniques as they are called can be taught only by the master or meditation teacher.

Pranayam is among the most popular process of meditation, in Pranayam the person sits in the 'dhyana' asana or position and gradually goes into deep trance like situation while meditating. In this meditation process the meditator not only inhales excess oxygen, but actually takes more of the 'pranic' or cosmic energy.

There are various ways to meditate though the ultimate result may be same which is finding mental peace and satisfaction in spirituality. The process to move towards salvation. Some may sit for hours in a particular trance like situation while some may be chanting hymns. Hindu and Buddhist monks since ages are practicing 'Japa' meditation revolves around the word "Aum", and is pronounced "Ah-oo-mm". In our religious scriptures "Aum" is used to describe the universal energy of God and creator of life and when you repeat this word slowly again and again it actually creates a vibration through your entire head and is believed to be stimulating and relaxing for the brain. However, some of the Buddhist monks prefer to use words which have a cosmic resonance, they may not have any religious meaning but they too sound like 'mantra' which helps them to reach a trance-like state.

The author is an experienced meditation master who teaches Meditation Techniques at various layers through Meditation Classes. He has also authored many books on meditation process and is doing research on the subject. The author is presently writing a book on the meditation processes across the world.

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