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Lifestyle of pregnant women as compared to their pre pregnan

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Modern day lifestyle has gone bizarre for working women. In addition, women undergone lack of initiative and awareness regarding planning their pregnancy. Every women is concerned about lifestyle during pregnancy days as they think this to be very crucial for the baby’s health. Women do not understand that good health during pregnancy is an off shoot from the health maintained way before pregnancy. They are massively indulged in smoking and unbalanced food habits which proves to be treacherous in later stage of pregnancy. Women bearing diabetes before pregnancy are more prone to health hazard for their babies. The blood filled with glucose is likely to be transferred to baby through placenta and this carries health risk and might lead to complicated birth. It is highly essential to control glucose level before the child’s body formation otherwise women run the risk of giving birth to deformed baby or miscarriage. As the baby’s body starts forming within 1st 7 weeks of pregnancy ,so, precaution should be taken much before 2nd or 3rd week after pregnancy.

Due to high glucose level, mothers run the risk of increased defect of eye problem, kidney problems, urinary bladder and vaginal infections, slow healing of wounds and finally difficulty in delivering child. Major problems faced by the child are premature delivery, miscarriage, low blood glucose birth, delay in healing jaundice. Glucose level should be managed at 60 to 120 mg/dl (before food ) and 100 to 150 mg/dl (after food ). Complete supervision is needed from doctors if the women planning for pregnancy is diabetes affected. The dark side to the medication for diabetes is that it might negatively affect pregnancy. So, diabetes control initiative to be made much before pregnancy.

Again maintaining lifestyle by women who are experiencing obesity during pregnancy days is more challenging. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes, hypertensive syndrome, increase in child’s weight, c-section complicacies. A healthy child needs all attention and care of a women before and after taking birth. But, obese women will face difficulty in providing all these extra care and nutrition to their newly born baby. Earlier women had no option to reduce their extended abdomen post pregnancy. Only women who were aware about exercises and did regular health check and maintain diet could able to recover their shape and started doing their daily routine jobs with ease. But, then women who do not have the urge neither awareness to get back to their original shape they keep on growing and surprisingly, they gain a permanent extended abdomen . When they realized, it almost got late to act upon. But, things have changed now a days, there are garments available and often called as after pregnancy belt helps in working out of the extended abdomen post pregnancy without much effort. Women wearing girdles found to loose much weight in 5 to 6 months post pregnancy than women going for only exercise or dieting. Girdles are available in many shapes and sizes for different body types. Some girdles are tailored with fabrics which prevents skin rashes.

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