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R4 Cards – A Must Have For Nintendo Device Lovers

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Nintendo consoles are famous for playing video games. There was a time when Nintendo game cassettes compatible with the consoles were used for proper functioning of the game. Did you know then your Nintendo device is not just limited to gaming? Thanks to the R4 cards, this is possible.

R4 card is a resourceful product of the R4 team, a device that will enable you to play games, listen to music, read ebooks, browse the Internet and many more such activities on your console. The card is compatible with Nintendo devices such as Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi. R4 cards are in great demand among users who love to play games on NDS. It is not just a mere accessory, but a necessity now owing to its versatility.

The R4 cards are unique in a way that they are not cards, but something like cartridges. They allow you to transfer data from any of your micro SD cards through the R4 card on your Nintendo device. Thus, R4 cards are more of a multimedia device that simply provides a greater number of applications apart from gaming.

Why use R4 cards?

1.R4 cards for amazing gaming experience: Gaming has evolved right from the black and white video games to the wide use of PS2, Nintendo 3DS and X-Box consoles these days. The recent gaming consoles create an effective gaming environments thanks to the enhanced graphics details. Memory and storage are important aspects when it comes gaming. This small and potent card accelerates the experience of gaming. It supports different operating systems and offers great performance.

2.A plethora of variations on your Nintendo device: Who would have thought a Nintendo device can be used to read books, listen to music and perform a myriad of operations? Well, these R4 cards are special as they contain a tiny slot for a micro SD card at the rear. You can either play a game or use the card for multimedia storage.

3.Easy and user-friendly: All you need is a single light push to put the micro SD card in place. The R4 cards are very easy to operate.

4.The R4 cards can support a memory from 64MB to 32GB. It is highly compatible with all the micro SD cards.

5.You can access Internet and Wi-fi through R4 cards. The gaming experience is more wonderful because now you can compete with any other gamer on his Nintendo console.

All unique and advanced features are offered by various R4 cards. Depending on the suitability of any card with your console, you can choose from various cards. Make sure you buy R4 cards from genuine and trusted sources as there are many fake ones in the market. For more information, visit to get details on the different types of R4 cards.

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