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Paris Hilton Perfume- The Undisputed Best Seller

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What is the one thing that a woman cannot do without, which is found in every travel kit, handbag? It is the perfume of course! There is nothing quite like a perfume to make a style statement. The fragrance emanating from it is truly the scent of the person wearing it, it is characteristic of the wearer. It adds a new dimension to the personality of the wearer.

A perfume is a mixture of various notes – the top notes, middle notes and base notes. Each perfume has a distinct combination of ingredients in each of these notes that combine to give it a unique scent. Also, there are several factors that can affect the natural scent of the skin and consequently the way a perfume smells on a person. The diet, stress level, mood of the person, etc alter the scent of the perfume one wears. Thus, each perfume smells distinctly on each person. Not surprisingly, perfumes are an entire industry in their own right and they have been known to exist since early days and the craze for them has grown with civilization.

One of the best brands in the line of perfumes today is the Paris Hilton Perfume. It was started in 2005 by the American heiress and socialite Paris Hilton. She teamed up with Parlux to produce perfumes. Ever since the launch of the first perfume, the brand has been an international best seller and has had wide acclaim. The first perfume launched was called Paris Hilton. It was an instant success and there has been no looking back ever since.

Paris Hilton Perfumes have been liked and accepted universally for their flirtatious scents and bold fragrances. Attractively designed bottles and unique fragrances are the noteworthy aspects of this top rated celebrity endorsed range of perfumes. It is not just another celebrity perfume; it makes one stop dead on the tracks and take notice if one gets a mere whiff of the scent. The perfumes are not overpowering and have a distinctly delicious smell, making one pine to have a bottle ready in hand for any special occasion. Every woman would love to wear this perfume for its provocative and exquisite fragrance.

The men’s edition of Paris Hilton Perfume is as exciting as and as much a rage as the women’s edition. It embodies the essence of masculinity and yet is extremely sophisticated. It lasts very long and smells very refreshing. Even skeptics are drawn towards this attractive range due its mysterious and intriguing scents. There is no stopping once you start using the product and it is no wonder that it is one of the top notch products in the line of perfumery. It is a sure find in any good store or shopping site.


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