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How Can White Smile Parnell Help You?

by whitesmile

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By Jenny Ford

Jenny sighed as she hung up the telephone, looking thankfully at the clock which at last registered closing time.  What a day it was!  First the computer system went down, and naturally everybody was asking her when it was going to finally be up and running again.  After the tenth telephone call to the IT folks, she could barely accuse them for being impatient with her, but really, did they need to be quite so rude?  Thank goodness things were up and running after lunch!

But then Sonia had called in sick (again!) and so Jenny was left having to do the work of two people.  What was it about Mondays that made people feel they needed to demand everything be completed, like, yesterday?  And more over, both Mark and Tom were at it yet again, each telling her that their project was of top priority, and putting Jenny in the hard position of having to choose which needed her attention the most.  Occasionally office politics could be so tiresome.

Picking up her bag and turning off the light, Jenny headed towards the lift. 

What a relief it was to see the reminder on her calendar that today she had a teeth whitening appointment at White Smile Parnell.  This was her third time back, and though it felt like an extravagance, it was something she treated herself to once in awhile.  She remembered her first visit, and how unsure she felt before going in - she was not certain what to expect?

What would the outcome be?
Will this be worth it?

Would it hurt?

But she remembered that Leanne had been extremely welcoming and friendly, she remembered laughing after just a couple of minutes of meeting her.
She also remembered the experience after that first treatment –

She’d stopped at the diary to get some milk. 

The friendly owner chatted away as normal, but when Jenny smiled at something she said, the owner all of a sudden stopped and gazed at her, baffled.

“Did you get a haircut, or something?  There is surely something different…you seem so…so…sparkly today!” 
Jenny just smiled and shrugged, but she knew it had to be the bright smile she had flashed. 

Had Jenny realized what a difference the teeth whitening treatment would have made to her appearance as well as her feelings of confidence she would have started going ages ago!

Jenny made her way along Parnell High Street, feeling lucky that her destination was one which assured enjoyment instead of responsibility and pretty soon she reached the door of 135 Parnell Rise. 

She sighed in anticipation as she stopped at the door, imagining the feeling of haven and relaxation she was soon to experience. 

Walking up the stairs to the White Smile office, Jenny was pleased to catch sight of Leanne just as she walked in the door.  “Hello, Jenny!  How wonderful to see you again” Leanne said as Jenny walked in.  “It would be just a couple of minutes; why do not you make yourself comfortable while you wait?”

Settling into the large, sufficiently cushioned sofa in the waiting area, Jenny breathed in deeply and reveled in the feeling of being taken care of, instead of needing to react to the demands of other people.  She picked up a magazine and thumbed through it casually, enjoying the chance to unwind.  She had just completed perusing an article about the latest fashion trends when Leanne gleefully announced it was her turn.

“So how’s your day been?”
“It’s just starting to get better,” Jenny laughed, comfortably easing herself back into the expansive leather chair.
“Ok then,” Leanne said.  “Let us help the day end on a good note.”

“Are you ready?”

“Sure Am” replied Jenny.

Leanne gave her a pair of tinted glasses, and Jenny put them on her face, relaxing further into the chair.  Leanne put in the retainer and finished the few preparation steps to get Jenny prepared for her treatment.
“Okay,” Leanne said softly.  “I am just going to move the machine into place here.  You simply keep sitting comfortably as it works its magic.”

Jenny knew when the machine was switched on, but she just lay there with her eyes closed. Breathing in deeply, she felt the stresses of the day fall away as she imagined her teeth gradually transforming into a something which would give her a gleaming, natural looking smile.
The cold, blue light used at White Smile Parnell had originally made Jenny skeptical during that very first treatment, because it felt as if nothing was even happening.  But when Leanne showed the before and after comparisons to Jenny she was surprised - the transformation in such a short period of time was fantastic - with so very little effort too!

So now she knew that though it seemed that little was actually happening to her teeth, amazing changes were taking place even as she lay in the chair.

Jenny was quite amazed when Leanne came and removed the machine, saying, “Let’s have a look at your lovely new smile shall we?”

It had only been 36 minutes - how the time flys.

“Am I really finished already? Can’t I lay here for just a little longer?”

Jenny, virtually reluctant to leave the comfortable chair, slid out of the chair and took a look at the results - she got precisely what she had hoped for - a smile that was really visibly different than when she’d arrived.

As she left the White Smile Parnell office, Jenny walked with an extra little spring in her step and felt as if she was looking  at the world with a new feeling of cheerful calmness.

Jenny smiled to herself, and it seemed as if everybody was smiling back at her as she made her way down the busy street.

“What a great way to end the day” Jenny thought to herself.

Even though the results lasted for a really long time, Jenny had already decided she will be returning when the time came.
She smiled just thinking of it.

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