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Ways to Spice Up Your Window Repair Project

by novasparks101

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If you see one of your windows breaking down in front of you, do you immediately jump from where you are sitting and call the nearest window repair company? Or do you continue sitting around and waiting for the appropriate (like when you don’t feel lazy anymore) time to get that job done. If you do not want to repair your window at this instant, you can always wait around until you feel like it.

Do it for the right reasons

Which brings us to this section. Yes, wait for the right reasons to smack you in the face. Now, what are these beautiful reasons? There can be several factors that can convince us to change those windows--like as soon as possible. Your parents will drop by for a visit. Your daughter will have friends over for an all-girl hangout. Your son will host a party, and the most popular kids in his school will attend. A social worker is scheduled to check on your adopted kid. The speculations go on and on. So, do you have a pending event? If not, then perhaps you can leave your broken window for another day or two.

Do it with the whole family

If you are not motivated enough to deal with your broken window, perhaps you can get your children to do a DIY project with you. They don’t have to help with the hard part of course. But you can give them paint and paint brushes so they can have their own contribution. They can use the glass as their canvas and paint pretty little flowers on green grass. You can also let them paint clouds and a happy sun. Whatever they want to do with it really. You are in charge of the installation of the new window. Just leave all the art to them.

If you are single (and a lady), be sure to contact a cute repairman

We should always celebrate our lives as single and free human beings. That is why, if you are a woman, take advantage of all your free time to flirt. But hey! Don’t do it if the repairman is not cute, okay? We don’t have to lower our standards if we don’t want to. But if you still want to flirt (because you are bored), then by all means, go ahead.

Do it with some dope remodeling plans

There is nothing else better to do with your life and creativity than to spread it when fixing broken things. You might be an amazing designer. If you are, why don’t you apply that to your window repair? Do not just do some repairs. Add your own creative touch to it. You will never know what the result is until you try it, right? Besides, you will be the one living inside that window. Perhaps it is just right to make it beautiful even if for your eyes only. That is, if you are single. If you have a family to share it with, then that is even better.

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