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Easy Tips for a Successful Home Staging

by sinthee

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Are our you ready to sell your home? In today’s real estate market, the stakes are higher and getting your desired bid can be more difficult to achieve. In order to stand out from other home sellers, you would need a few tricks up your sleeves.


Every buyer would want a home that is worth the sum that the seller is asking for. This is why it is advisable to make your home look its best. Even though you just want to impress your client, consider home staging and your other effort of updating your home a courtesy to both of your would-be buyer and the good years that you spent in your house.


To make your home ready for walk-throughs and open houses, here  are a few tips to help you:



You’ve probably heard this advice a millions times already, but de-cluttering is the easiest and most inexpensive way to make your home ready for a sale. Clear out unused objects, and be thorough with your cleaning especially in the kitchen and bathroom area. If you have the time and patience, rearrange your furniture and other things for a more spacious look.


Store some furniture away

Also, when it comes to home staging, excessive number of furniture can make your home look cluttered. Buyers would like to easily visualize their new homes with their own furniture and things, so it would be good to put some of your things away.  Ask for your parents’ of friends’ garage. Or if you live in places withcheap storage facilities like in Sydney, it won’t hurt your budget to temporarily rent a unit.


Setup a self storage

As mentioned above, buyers would love a new house more if they could visualize themselves living there. So, it would be good to put away some of your personal belongings like photo frames and your kid’s blocks of toys. Also, upon cleaning your house, you realize that you have too much things lying around – from scrap to boxes and boxes of stuff that you don’t want to sell or throw away. Once the garage is overloaded with those boxes, you can setup your ownself storage for your personal things.


Invest in a chandelier

Put on display an object that would help your buyer remember your home. Look for a chandelier or some unique object in a thrift store and make it as elegant as it used to be. In the case of the chandelier, this would also make your home brighter in the eyes of your buyers.


Invite a ray of sunshine

Make your home buyers feel the ray of sunshine once they’ve walked into your home. Use fresh linens. Spray a freshener. Play good music. Put a vase of fresh flowers in the living room. Have cookies in your dining area. The way to a buyer’s heart is through their good mood.


Now, you are more ready than before in selling your home!


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