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Discovering the Potential of Turnkey Properties Through Comp

by tannertorchia309

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There’s a reason home-ownership has long been associated with the American Dream. Everyone wants to place part of their hard-earned money into affordable housing for their families. It’s even better if the house is located in a good community with easy access to basic services.


The Indianapolis region is worth checking out if you’re scouting for fresh property. The city has been cited for high economic growth figures, unemployment rates lower than the national standard, and good prospects for fresh graduates finding work. On the real estate front, the city has low median prices for investment properties, and a number of foreclosed houses. This gives companies such as Marquis Properties, LLC opportunities to rehabilitate these assets and turn them into “turnkey properties” for prospective house hunters.


Turnkey 101


Turnkey properties are homes that were constructed with the purpose of being sold or leased as completed assets. Once the developer’s financing programs are in place, a buyer can just move right in. A company specializing in real estate investment properties often acquires them at bulk prices and picks out those that have potential returns with minimal issues.


Rehabilitation Project


Some properties that have been marked for turnkey work may be in various states of deterioration. In such instances, a real estate investment company comes in to renovate or restore the properties into habitable condition. These additional costs are then factored into the final price of the property.


Putting on Lease


What if you’re not in the market for a house, but aim to collect revenues off your properties instead? For instance, you may have several turnkey properties under your belt, but only need one to live in. If you make the call to lease out the others, a company like Marquis Properties, LLC can appoint skilled property managers to facilitate the selection of tenants. Rent-back payments, which are equal to the property’s target rental rate, can be made to you until a tenant has been found and is ready to move in.


Real estate investment has always been regarded as among the best ways to make your money grow. At the same time, leasing out those you own can provide you with modest income. You can even think of it as helping other people have roofs over their heads.

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