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LED lighting steals the charm at stage Shows

by anonymous

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Yes, it's true. It was a fashion event, I went there as a viewer, since I am a keen fashion follower, I never miss any of the fashion shows. But to my amazement, this was the best show I would have ever expected. The music, theme, costumes, models, each of the elements here was wondrous. But what made me more fascinated was the lighting. It was just the best system I have ever seen.

Another astonishing fact coming over this way is that the light. Each bulb was an LED lamp. Yes, they were the Light Emitting Diodes, usually being used in Vehicles and torches and nowadays for house lighting purpose. These LEDs were really looking beautiful. They were producing less warmth than Incandescent lights, that I can say for sure because, the luminance was on par with that show still the temperature was considerably normal. Although I believe they are quite expensive than the regular ones but equal cost cutting was done in air conditioning which were less powerful than usual but still the ambience was good enough. When I noticed keenly, these were the coloured LED lamps which are producing rainbow effects directly on the stage.

What else gained my attention was the placement of LED panels. Since the illumination was good enough to provide a brighter look to the stage, the number of LED bulbs was less as compared to incandescent lights which would have been there usually. This really hit my mind hard that's how Eco friendly option it is to use LED lights. Not just they are power saver but also produce less heat which means less usage of air conditioning and ultimately less power consumption.

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