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Ready for Your Very Own Insane Custom Home?

by anonymous

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I believe that one of the reasons custom home development is formed is so that crazy people can be given the chance to extend their crazy ideas with the houses they want to build for themselves. Sure, beautiful houses have been built by custom home developers like Classic Homes, but let us admit. There are outrageous custom home designs out there that a regular, normal person will not even think about in his or her lifetime. Have you seen those impossible but amazing houses? They are all over the world. Some of them are even designed by the owners themselves. Others who do not know how to design infrastructures hire architects who are as crazy as they are to take on the project.

If you surf the Web all the time, you might have seen some of the houses I am pertaining to. Weird houses are always featured in Websites like Tumblr, 9gag, and, of course, Facebook. There is that one house that is intentionally built upside down--literally. One might think that a hurricane pulled it out from the ground and smashed it back down, roof first. What insane person thinks of living in that kind of structure? One would think that there could possibly be no one. Well, surprise, surprise! Take a look at the pictures and go figure. Preposterous? Brace yourself because there is more.

Do you want to live in a shoe? How about in a lopsided structure? How about in a totally warped structure where there is no recognizable shape whatsoever? Maybe a jenga house or a Lego house or a barrel house is more to your liking. All the examples I stated are unthinkable and insane. Some are downright what-the-hell-are-you-thinking structures. And every single one of them are real. An ordinary person just can’t live comfortably in one of these houses. That may seem like a generalization, but in normal circumstances, normal minds will not even daze far enough into their crazy states to come up with such bizarre ideas and designs.

Of course, there are also custom houses that are so beautiful and majestic they take your breath away. There are even custom homes developed by quality home developers like Classic Homes that are featured in home magazines. However, surprisingly, these beautiful houses just cannot compare to the amazement and awe that those absurd houses bring to every spectator. These ridiculous, out-of-this-earth designs are the ones that remain with the minds of the rest of the population.

Why is that? We remember them better because their designs are unique. Those houses are authentic and ingenious. No matter how uncomfortable the living conditions in these structures may be, we still envy the owners and the designers because they have created something different--a breath of fresh air from the ordinary if you may. If you have enough money though, you can have that kind of status too. That is why custom home developers like Classic Homes are there. They are there to help you achieve what crazy ideas you have might have buried in the corners of your mind. Are you ready to explore your insane ideas right now? Come on then. Take the plunge.

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