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Larger Homes no more required in Noida

by deepika

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Noida is usually targeted at affordable home buyers who look out for decently sized home where they can adjust easily. Usually 2 BHk units are perfect for this purpose. But these builders are more focussing towards 3 and 4 BHk units which are out of reach at least for affordable home buyers. This has created a vacuum in the market which has made deprivation in the supply of units.

Noida extension is one of those locations of NCR where affordable buyers usually flock for investing in Residential property in Noida. Even here the large 3 bhk homes are getting built up which is not fulfilling the requirements of middle range buyers. The buyers who are looking for property in Noida of considerate size are seizing towards Greater Noida and Outer area of Noida which includes the Noida expressway area. Here the upcoming projects which are still under soft launch have the units of 2BHK. Since smaller units of 1 bhk are normally the one which have extinct from the modern demands of buyers and investors. These units have converted into the Studio Apartments but they have turned filthy expensive because of their extraordinary making and fully furnished featuring. Builders like Jaypee, Supertech all are coming up with their projects in Noida and Noida extension Property which have studio apartment inclusions especially designed for bachelors and couples who spend their maximum time out of the office. The nearness to the commercial city of Noida attracts many buyers who are working nearby and looking for deals to invest in properties here making it the most lucrative vision of the time.

Buyers here are mostly the one who has good disposal incomes in hand and are fond of making investment to earn more and more out of it. Rest the requirement of small units is feasible with these investors who are also the first time investors. With time, the housing property is getting transformed into bigger units and the first ones are set for resale. The best theory behind resale is the fact that the buyers get the cash in hands and don't have to pay tax for it if the entire amount is being used for buying the other unit. Property Manthan has the widest range of properties available in various localities giving you the choice of finding the best properties online without any hassles or troubles of your location constraint and budget limitation.

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