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Inman Aligner or Invisalign Orthodontist who is Mercury Free

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If you suffer from crooked or crowded teeth, you are likely embarrassed by your smile. You may think you really don’t have any options to straighten your teeth as an adult unless you want to undergo extreme and costly procedures. However, you can have clear braces with Invisalign; speak with your orthodontist about them.

An Invisalign orthodontist can fit you with clear braces that will shape your teeth into a straight and natural alignment. The procedure is relatively inexpensive and will treat your teeth without the pain of traditional metal braces. With advanced technology, you can actually see what your smile will look like after braces.

The Invisalign orthodontist will use the technology to mold braces that were made specifically for your teeth. Your teeth are unlike any others in the world, so your treatment should also be as unique as you are. Your braces will fit you perfectly and shape your teeth into the perfect alignment for you.

If you are looking for another option, the Inman aligner is very cost-effective and works well for mildly to moderately crooked teeth. You can wear these aligners comfortably throughout the week, but whenever you can remove them for personal reasons for short periods of time. It treats the front teeth only.

The Inman aligner can treat crooked teeth in as quickly as six weeks. Some people will use them for up to 16 weeks. Your results will depend upon the severity of your misaligned teeth. The aligner is very comfortable and you can easily take it out to eat, clean your teeth, or for any reason at all.

If you are searching for a mercury free dentist, the best dentists in Sydney will reassure you that they do not use these types of fillings or in other dental procedures. Mercury has been shown to cause health problems in the people that have had mercury used in their dental procedures.

If you already have a mercury filling or you aren’t sure, speak to a mercury free dentist to see what your options are to replace it. It is wise not to take chances when it comes to your health. A dentist can help you reduce your risk of developing complications from mercury with replacement devices.

If you’d like to find a mercury free dentist or have your teeth aligned by reputable orthodontists, you are taking the first on your journey to a brighter smile. Contact the best dentists in the area today and take control of your oral health right away.

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