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Insurance policy claims

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How can you claim on your insurance policy?
Most of us aren’t well aware of the completed paperwork and Australian laws regarding insurance. For instance, most of the people are unable to benefit from an insurance claim where insurer committed suicide because they don’t have adequate information, formal legal representation or are unaware of the flaws or loopholes in policy.

In such cases, court cases can go on for long with no productive results. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for an insurance lawyer if you want to make insurance policy claims.It is also essential to learn a few basics to understand insurance and insurance policies.

What does an insurance policy cover? Who are eligible?
Insurance policy claims usually includes:

a. Critical Illness and Trauma: The policy states that the insurance agency will pay the holder a hefty amount if they are diagnosed with one of the illness that is present in the list of the claim. Popularly known as Trauma Insurance in Australia, they also offer partial payment of an amount of money instead of full payment if the disease does not fully meet the criteria as listed. In these cases insurance policy claims can be immediately made.
b. Death Benefit: A part of annuitant's pension is usually given to the nominee in case accidental death of holder. This is quite a common form of insurance that prevails in majority of the global insurance policy system. These are easiest insurance policy claims.
c. Income Protection: Any sort of accident or grievance that might have turned the client physical handicapped rendering him or her not being able to work is protected by IPI claims. In Australia, although the policy can be quite expensive but the insurance policy claims can end up giving three-forth of a person’s salary that he got before being physically disabled.
d. Total and Permanent Disability (TPD): In case of such mishap, the policy makes sure that debts and living expense are provided for sustenance. If the insurer is a victim of TPD, the family can apply for insurance policy claims.

Who to consult for knowing details about your insurance policy claims?

It is best to go for insurance lawyers, as they are the people who give you an insight of your rights and how can you utilize your policy claims most effectively and with an informed mindset. Insurance policy claims are usually complicated because of policy’s clauses. Gerald Malouf is one such independent legal organization where a lawyer can represent you in such cases and evaluate every clause to find a loophole and help you make insurance policy claim. With their legal expertise, they can also represent you in court. As they are the best, they work on ‘no-win, no-fee’ criteria for individuals with less average income, therefore you can get legal representation without burning a hole in your pocket.


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