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Australian Jewellery Designers make Good Jewellery

by dennisegilchrist

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Jewellery! Jewellery! Oh how people love them! Jewellery is used to adorn the body by the use of rings, bracelets and brooches.   This is done to make the user look good and appealing and that is about it.  Some jewellery can be useful and they are hairpins, buckles, watches and medical alert bracelets.  Jewellery came from the word jewel which came from the French word ‘joules.’ Jewellery is so old that the oldest jewellery was 100,000 years ago.  That was the Nassarius shells.  Jewellery is made from various materials such as precious metals, gemstones, beads, glass, seeds and shells. 

Precious metals are gold, white gold, silver, platinum, titanium and bronze.  Precious and semiprecious gems are diamond, emerald, sapphire, rubies and jade.  These are minerals taken from the earth.  There are other gems that are organic in nature and they are pearls, coral and amber.  Jewellery is worn by man for many reasons and they are for its function like buckles, watches, and hairpins; as a unit of payment also known as currency, for status symbol or display of wealth, for storage or as a form of savings, for protection against evil like devotional medals and as a symbol like the papal ring and a crown (to show leadership), a wedding ring and a Christian crucifix.  Jewellery is also worn as an artistic display (costume jewellery).

For jewellery to be considered as ‘fine’ jewellery, it is said that these pieces are made of precious metal and gems.  Diamond is a precious gem and it was first mined in India.  In 2005, countries like Canada, Russia, Botswana and Australia became prime sources of this precious gem called diamond.  Jewellery that used precious metal of either gold, white gold, silver or platinum and diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire or pearl were considered fine jewellery.  Since Australia is one of the primary source of diamonds, jewellery made from any of the above mentioned material could be considered as Australian fine jewellery.  This fine jewellery is sold in the jewelry stores of Australia.  A jewellery designer is a person who does an original jewelry creation.  Historically, these designers originated as goldsmiths.  Today, jewelry designers are professionals with the knowledge of gemology (the science dealing with natural and artificial gems and gemstones).  Some jewelers are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems.  They are also metal smiths so that they may cater to buyers. 

Designs may be initiated by a special jeweler.  The design may be made by a model wax or even in metal in order to create a mold where an unlimited number of pieces can be cast in gold, silver or platinum.  Australian jewellery designers create and develop designs that may reflect the customer’s individuality.  They cater to the budget or design.  They will listen to your requests and tell you whether the request is feasible.  These jewellery designers can create cheap gold rings too.  What are cheap gold rings? These rings are made from low gold content.  They are made from 8k to 14k purity which is 37.5% pure gold to 50% pure gold.  Each Australian jewellery designer has a style of designing and has a unique way of using materials to produce a good piece of jewellery.

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