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Discover the greatest wonder of Africa in Shea Butter

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Shea butter is extracted from the nut seed of shea tree. These trees become adult in couple of decades, but its starts delivering its products at is age of almost 45 years. These trees gives us nuts which can be planted to grow more trees like this and genuine shea butter can be extracted after it attains the age of almost 200 years.  


Shea butter is very good for our health as it is made of natural elements. Nowadays, it is found refined, unrefined and organic type. The distinction between the different types is mainly due to the way they are manufactured. The refined one has no natural smell or color. Conversely, the organic and unrefined shea butter is found in the natural form. Survey has reached the conclusion the refined one of this type in not efficient like unrefined and organic shea butter.   


The basic use of genuine shea butter is like any moisturizer and as a cream. There are various products which have shea butter as ingredient but definitely not genuine shea butter as it is too costly. Genuine shea butter is very efficient if removing marks and striations. Ladies just love to buy genuine shea butter. The other advantages of shea butter are that it keeps the skin flexible and it provides a lissome skin. If you are from east Africa, you will probably know that east African shea butter is really of great quality.


The basic shea butter can be found in conditioners and shampoos which will make your hair less flexible and soft. It really rejuvenates and protects your hair from breaking. The genuine butter of this type is also utilized for many kinds of tribal festivals in Africa. It is also used for cooking food and for conditioning wood and leather. This type of genuine butter is not inflammable and also reduces the discomfort of psoriasis and other kinds of skin disease.


The unrefined shea butter is more expensive than the refined one as organic materials has greater processing and manufacturing time in respect to different other products refined without any such safety procedures. The prices of these butters mainly rely on its supply and popularity. The singularity of the product assures its popularity and less available stock as it takes time for the nuts to grow and manufacture the cream.


If you are looking for huge amount of shea butter for starting a business related to cosmetics, you will find many wholesale dealer of this butter. People nowadays are very concerned about the welfare of their body and lifestyle. But before you purchase this butter from any wholesaler, you should get endured that the dealer is charging genuine price for that.

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