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Fun Picture Editing apps for iPhone 5

by anonymous

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iPhone5 is the raging trend amongst the Apple fans these days. Ever since the launch of this new phone, each is looking for the best to utilize it to the full capacity. There are enhanced features, tips and of course the apps that make it more interesting to use. However, the most interesting thing to take notice is the camera. Though there are various features that are included in the camera functionality, still addition like that of picture editing apps will make it more useful. Let us have a look at the fun camera apps for your iPhone5 that help transform, edit and make your picture collection more fun to view.

App for Adding Comic Effect

Download Comic touch lite app for your iPhone 5. This is a fun filled app that allows a user to make the pictures more fun by adding a thinking bubble or a balloon to it. Now you can choose a picture of a series of pictures to add the thought bubble and enter funny text, this way you can create a small fun album or a series of pictures that are interrelated. Now as soon as you put these on a slide show you will see how these come out to be a self-created comic. Only this time the characters and the pictures are real. Additionally you can also create picture effects to your photos to make it more dramatic and interesting. You can choose from various shapes that you can add to the picture as a thought bubble depending upon the expressions that you want to give to your picture. For example if you are choosing to give an expression of whisper then you can chose from the given shapes accordingly. Interestingly you can share our creation via e-mail messages and even store them in the photo library for additional sharing options.

Fun App for Creating Funny Pictures

Are you the one who is always up to some mischief and playing pranks, if so then there is one app that will help you with it; iSwap Faces. As the name suggests you can choose any picture with more than one person clicked in it and swap their faces. This is the most fun, simple and easy way to switch the faces of the people in the picture without having to use complex editing software like Photoshop.  This is more like a quick anti-makeover that enables you to switch faces quickly. After you are done share these on Facebook and tag along to spread the fun.

App for Stashing and Sharing

Performing multiple functions with easy to use software is not possible but if you are thinking of an app then download PhotoStash app. This app allows a user to edit, store and share pictures simultaneously.  You also get the chance to choose from various picture effects (more than 18) from an entire library. Additionally you can share your pictures across the friend network on your Facebook account. With this app, you can store or stash pictures and albums of people in your friend network with just a click. This way you can create a personalized album containing the most memorable moments spent with your friends. If you are looking for storing options then you can store them on your own Facebook page and even upload them on your Dropbox account.

Picture improving App

After taking picture you always seem to have an urge to improve it, it is either the contrast that needs adjustment or the brightness that you want to fix. Now you need not be a pro at handling Photoshop, this can be easily done by downloading SPPhotoFixL app. This app is designed to serve the editing needs of a picture and help improve the picture quality. You can easily adjust brightness, fix the contrast, increase the sharpness, change the hue, balance the saturation and more such editing options. You can easily correct dimness with one touch. The best attribute of this app is that you get a chance to create an entire picture calendar called Sp Photo Cal with your edited pictures. now you have an entire calendar with improved pictures. Now be a pro at editing pictures without having to getting into technicalities of editing.

Improved Instagram App

The most popular and the most familiar app for picture editing is Instagram. This app is especially enhanced to support the iOS6 so that it can be used on iPhone5. Now the filters will no longer overlap as the picture giving you more space for viewing a picture clearly. Additionally the feature of Photo Maps is fascinating including the capability of password recovery. The app is made so simple and easy to handle that even a novice can easily use it.

All the above given apps are available for free and easy to use even for those who have no or little knowledge about picture editing tools.


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