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Portable Eye Wash : A Mandatory Requirement in Facilities

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It is very much essential to have eyewash stations in a work facility when it involves active usage or emission of chemicals. Ensuring the safety of the employees is of prime importance in such industrial settings. Generally industry owners will work in a direction that they have emergency eye wash stations installed in close proximity to those employees who work in close contact with dangerous chemicals or other substances which may cause harm to the eyes. During such situations, the employees can rush to the eye wash stations so that they can wash out the chemicals or the harmful substances that have entered into the eyes. Every eye wash station should have a supply of water that can last for 15 minutes wherein there is a strong gush that can bring out the foreign bodies that have entered the eyes or reduce the concentrated nature of the substance that has entered into the eye.

Portable eye wash is considered to be an ideal solution for all kinds of remote locations that do not at all have a water source. The eye wash flows with the help of gravity from the portable tank. The tanks come in with heavy construction and there are reinforced ribs which support the weight of the entire unit. The unit can then be wall mounted or counter mounted with no additional plumbing required. Supply Line Direct is an online store that has a myriad range of supplies as far as portable eye wash is concerned.

Protecting vision is of course undoubtedly very important and essential too, and hence it makes having the eyewash stations mandatory when the employees are working actively with chemicals. Of course, the employer states clearly that the employees need to wear the protective glasses but there is always a great scope for accidents to occur despite the kind of precautions that we take. It is the first 15 seconds exposure that is critical and hence it has to be located very close by to such places. And for all those places that do not have the provision for having fixed eyewash stations, it is ideal to choose the portable eye wash counters that will serve the purpose equally well.

The eye wash stations will deliver 100% sterile saline eyewash solution through a 100% sterile delivery system. The solutions are physiologically correct buffered saline solutions that will arrest the danger to spread across in the eyes. Saving the person’s vision is extremely important in times of emergencies like this and it is the moral responsibility of the employer to provide with all the basic amenities that will take care of the employees well being.

When the industrial facilities have the eyewash stations only then are they considered to have met the requirements that have been cited by OSHA. These help in protecting the employees and guard them against any kind of personal injury. These eyewash stations are a must as stated by OSHA whenever there is an exposure to corrosive materials by the workers. These stations must also be in complete compliance with the standards that have been set by ANSI and should be installed within 10 seconds of walking distance from the place of accident.

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