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Sacred Symbols of the Melchizedek Teachings

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The Origin and Significance of the Flower of Life

This highly geometric, intently sacred symbol has permeated many cultural concepts, historical periods, and religious practices throughout the ages. New age teacher Melchizedek conceived this term, but the concept itself predated his teachings.

This symbol embodies the characteristics of sacred geometry, and comprises several equidistant circles that overlap one another. In the center of each circle, you will find the overlapping circumference of six circles with the same measurements. However, in many versions of this ancient symbol, the circles are not fully mapped out.

According to Melchizedek, this sacred geometry and the flower of life convey profound aspects regarding the characteristics of both space and time. Many new age authors detect a fundamental link between this symbol and the six days of creation, a bible prophet by the name of Enoch, and Metraton.

In Egypt, the temple of Osiris is deemed as one of the most antiquated examples of this sacred symbol. Many New Age practitioners throughout the world have extrapolated significant meaning from these symbols, and have structured their meditation practices around them-thereby forming their own, subjective version of flower of life meditation. Qaballalists, pagans and hermeticists have all drawn upon the flower of life for inspiration. The sacred flower of life has been a source of great mathematical study, as well as spiritual enlightenment. The flower of life book written by Melchizedek offers more extensive research and analysis on this sacred geometric figure.

Several individuals have studied this sacred geometry in an effort to unveil and deconstruct the quandaries, divine order and mysteries of life. By studying the flower of life, many have hope to achieve enlightened degrees of into their true self and the oneness of all creation.

The nature of this symbol cannot be accessed by means of the conscious, logical mind, and you must use your intuitive faculties to access its abundant knowledge. It embodies the prototype and divine order of creation, hence the ancient secret of the flower of life.

The Unity of Consciousness Grid

The Unity Of Consciousness grid is a visual representation of all life, its interconnectedness, its oneness, and its energy patterns. There are many sacred regions of the world with compatible energy patterns. In fact, many such energy vortexes converge in the heart of Sedona, Arizona.

Why Study These Symbols?

Unless you understand the underpinnings of the world around you, you will navigate through this life aimlessly with a lack of purpose. Only through the utilization of the heart, intuition, mental faculties and knowledge of the universe can you fully ascribe your life with purpose. Life cannot precede one's understanding. It is sacred wisdom and understanding that gives rise to a fulfilling life.

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