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Make Your Calls to Action Effective

by ghimes

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Internet Marketing concentrates on two key goals: 1) to generate traffic to your website and 2) to convert this traffic into potential buyers. If you will not be able to achieve both of these, your business will not be a success. The first one may seem much easier to a number of companies; but the second one is an arduous challenge to anyone. One of the simplest solutions to improve conversion rates is by developing effective calls to action. The Arizona marketing company that you will hire knows this very well.

Calls to action, if you're new to this term, are phrases or words that try to encourage readers or site visitors to take particular steps. Some of the widely used calls to action are “click here” and “call now”. They seem quite easy to incorporate in your web content but they are not because they need some processes to guarantee good results. These include:

Be precise; connect your calls to action to the products or services you deliver.

This is not stating that you stay away from generic calls to action like “click here”, “buy now” and “call now”. This is just hinting that whenever there is chance to be specific and to affiliate your calls to action to your services or products, do so. This is because there is a greater potential for receiving higher conversion rates with this method. For instance, use “get 50% discount for repair services” as an alternative to “click here”.

Make your calls to action (or at least the most significant of them) the largest in font size.

If you would like your visitor to take a specific act, you must make sure that they can very easily sense this by making your most significant call to action in the web page the biggest in font size. For instance, making the “order now” button the most noticeable is similar to telling them to buy immediately. The Arizona marketing company that you employ knows it.

Choose a color (or colors) that will enable the calls to action to stand out.

Some checks proved that colors blue and green are the most useful; however, red color demonstrates a sense of urgency to take action this is why it is also considered by most web developers as well as companies. In order to avoid uncertainty then, go for the hue that will make it stand above the page because really, the web page already bears a number of hues themselves. Therefore, the trick is to make people quickly see them.

To verify if your calls to action are appealing enough, you should check them through the A/B split test protocol to challenge a lot of calls to action against each other. It may seem that this is an extra work on your part but getting an idea about the possible website conversion rates that you can get out of your several types of calls to action should be sufficient reason. If you are not sure about undertaking this test, go for an Arizona marketing company because it will do this task for you.


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