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Make your Speeches Count

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How many times has our boss asked us to make a speech at a conference, a presentation or a special event and while we are happy to be asked, we panic at the idea of public speaking? This probably happens frequently in the business world as well as for private functions like weddings and parties. Making that all important speech can sometimes represent a huge leap forward in your career, or, transversely, represent the end of it. Having that extra little bit of confidence can make it far easier, but not only that, you also need to be articulate.

Writing and preparing a speech for an important occasion is only part of the battle. Once you have written it, you have to rehearse it over and over again to get it right. You need the right inflections, the tone of voice, the ability to put your point across in a professional, fun and fluent way. You also need to be able to engage your audience, be they co-workers, family, friends or colleagues. They may even be an audience of total strangers who have paid money to hear you speak and that can be extra scary unless you are already familiar with how to talk to an audience.

Fluency and Confidence is Key

Your fluency in public speaking can also increase your income. If you are able to present information accurately and with confidence you will attract more people, more work and more clients. Many people experience ‘stage fright’ just before they make a speech and this is not uncommon. However, you can learn to take control of that fear or anxiety and put it to a more positive use, rather than letting it hold you back. Learning to communicate your ideas and get recognized for your thoughts, proposals or initiatives can help you move into the higher ranks of business.

It can also lead to a career in public speaking. MC’s often earn a great deal of money from making after dinner speeches or talking at public events and if that is the kind of career you have earmarked for yourself, it is important that you become and expert. A speech coach in San Francisco can help you to learn those skills you need to progress in business.

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