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The Effects of Motorcycle Accidents to Victims

by lewisj01

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You are thinking: Why do you have to ask for compensation to the insurance carrier and hire Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer for the disaster that happened to you yesterday? Can’t you just settle everything with the driver? To find remarkable solution to your question, you have to understand the effects of motorcycle accidents to affected individuals like you. Read on…

Body Harm

This is the most obvious effect of a misfortune. If you are lucky enough, you may only suffer from bruises and small cuts in your legs, arms, lower back and hips. However, if you are not lucky enough, you may suffer a loss of your limb or endure broken bones in your feet, knees, hips and legs. If your leg is destroyed, you may require amputation. It is also possible that you may struggle with spinal cord injury plus the lack of ability to walk.

Vehicle Damage

The motorcycle pushed your automobile at the side of the road, where it overturned. You just cannot visualize how else you can use it. It will need comprehensive body work or worse, you might have to buy a new one because it is an overall wreck.

Brain Injury

You might be burdened with traumatic brain injury. You may experience brief loss of consciousness as well as throbbing headache. Worse, you might have seizures, garbled speech and loss in coordination of the limbs. With this condition, who will say you will not need legal help from Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer? You must be represented in negotiations or in court properly.

Mental Misery

With the incident, you may have phobia in driving or traveling. You may also encounter difficulty in sleeping (especially if the scenes of the unfortunate circumstance keep coming to you every night when nobody in the house except you is awake). Likewise, you may also have post-traumatic stress disorder and even suffer from depression.

Life Effects

Your one leg is gone - how will you enjoy walking in the park or how can you be involved in running events? Your spinal cord is broken - how can you work like an ordinary person in the workplace? Yes, injuries due to the accident reduced the quality of your life. More essential, you will not manage to pay your regular bills. In fact, you will even have to think about how you will buy medicines for your situation and go to your doctor and undergo series of examinations.

All these occur to victims while the drivers who created them may still be living an ordinary life and may always drive without proper care all because not one of the afflicted individuals decided to not seek compensation or file a case. Any Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you that it is just right to make them pay for what they did. It is not requesting cash in exchange of what he did but it is searching for justice for what happened to you. Your lawyer will negotiate justly for you. He will be sure you will be properly provided for all your financial necessities for until you recuperate or for a lifetime, if recommended.

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