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BASEstation On-Board Industrial Remote Control

by ElizabethJ

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BASEstation on-board industrial remote computer is mainly designed for industrial petroleum delivery fleets. This is an excellent truck mounted computer as well as back office connection that were designed and built by experienced engineers who have expertise in fuel delivery automation and control.

On-board industrial remote controls have the following features:

• Complete Asset Management
• Reliable interface with all trucks systems
• Complete product reconciliation between fuel loaded and delivered
• Real-Time communication between truck and back offices systems

Until these days people used to choose “off the shell” mobile handheld computers and other limited purpose in-cab computers. However, these On-board computers have put an end on those hose, resting o n the cold wet tank, which was being used by the driver with oily gloves. Actually those old stuffs have no place in these new handheld computers. The operator can even leave it on the cab and attach it to a charging cradle in order to defeat a purpose. The display screen contains in these computers is large and the keypad is easy to use. The keypad is even glove friendly to use properly.

The BASEstation computer design is mainly built for all types of fuel trucks and they are designed seamlessly interface with all other truck systems. The top class engineers have designed especial bulletproof connections to the electronic register, the radio control system, the driver authorization system, tank gauge, and engine/chassis telematics. This excellent device is also enabled with built-in GPS, satellite, cellular, and WI-FI capability along with mapping and routing.

The system is envisioned in such a way where the brains can stay in the nice warm cab and can operate the device using the handheld. The handheld device is very simple all-in-one device that sends and receives data from the cab when needed. This allows the handheld to be purpose built for fuel delivery with functionally needed only at the end of the hose. The result is a handheld that will scan customer RFID tags and transmit this customer data 1000ft back to the truck computer. It also shows the meter reading in real time which is ideal for ‘will calls’ and spill prevention.

Additionally, the handheld device included in the on-board computer, will control all tank and chassis operations like Hose Reel, Internal Valve(s), PTO(s), Engine RPM, and a DOT approved remote Emergency Shut Down - all of this at a fraction of the cost to replace a lost or damaged handheld mobile computer.

All of these BASEstation customers are always assigned a dedicated deployment expert in order to ensure the exchange of data between the truck as well as the back office is usable and robust. Technically, BASEstation is water resistant, WinCE device that is equipped with color touch-screen display, Compact Flash, smart card/magnetic card readers and USB host/device port.

All the application software used in the system can be custom-designed making it adaptable to a wide variety of applications. It has an optional internal wireless modem for HSPA or EVDO networks. Internal GPS allows BASEstation to be used for vehicle navigation, AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) and/or Location Based Permission systems for fuel delivery security.

BASE Engineering designs excellent industrial remote controls systemsfor different engineering and commercial purposes including butane and propane industry and industrial petroleumsector. Since 1996 over 50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. Industrial remote controls, in our hand, have moved into the next level.

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