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Business Card Designs That Will Stand Out

by anonymous

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If you have a need for a business card, do not get something ordinary and boring. Try the best and most eye catching designs available in the market today. People are attracted to innovative designs and smart colours. You can either go really simple or really bright. Try not to play it safe with dull colours. When you design your business card, get the help of a professional. You can brief them on what you would like the look to be. Let them do the rest. If you already have the design in your head, all you need to do is identify the material of your business card and go in to print. There are other small details to work out before you get your final business card. Premium business cards are available online for reasonable prices as compared to other printers in the market. Take a look at their services before you make a final decision.

Selecting your material

Choosing the right material for your card is very important. The most unique materials include plastic, suede and cotton. Silk is the latest in designer business cards. Popular fashion designers, makeup artists and models prefer silk cards. Another kind is the foil business card. This includes a layering of foil on your business card. It embellishes the design to make it look fancy and attractive. Usually only a part of the card has the foil. This can include the logo, business name or any other design. Many card printers offer this however; online printers are cheaper than others. Once you choose your material, you can ask for specific services like a round corner card, specific ink colour and size to custom. Make sure you order enough cards. The more you order, the cheaper they become. Before printing your Premium business card, ensure you get a free digital copy of proof.


Prices will definitely vary from vendor to vendor but you must also keep in mind the quality of your card. Premium Business Cards should be of the highest quality. A great looking card may not come very cheap but it will definitely get your customers talking and walking right through your doors. Your logo is the soul of your business. Try not to let it look to garish instead it should represent you and your aim for the business. Change the shape of your card. Try not to use a regular size or cut.

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