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Avoiding Penis Pain

by anonymous

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Leading a new partner into the bedroom can be absolutely intoxicating, and those first tentative sessions can be full of the thrills that are often absent when couples have been together for long periods of time. Sometimes, however, sex with a new partner can have painful results, and men can walk away from these episodes with a sore penis that's wrapped in chafed, stinging skin. While attending to penis care can help those sores to heal, there are some things men can do in the bedroom in order to ensure that a repeat injury doesn't take place.

1. Take it Slow

In the heat of the moment, couples may tear off clothing and get right down to business, with no foreplay at all. Unfortunately, nerves can also run high during inaugural encounters, and natural juices might be in short supply. Rather than forcing the issue, men should take it slow and do a little prep work before the thrusting begins. Slow kisses, deep touches and lots of eye contact can allow both partners to get ready for the action, and a lack of painful friction might be the result. Long sessions of foreplay can also allow both partners to relax a bit, and this might make penetration a little easier to accomplish.

2. Rely on Chemistry

If slow and steady techniques eat up a man's sleeping time, leaning on chemical lubricants might be a good option. These products, when applied liberally, can help opposing skin to glide together, instead of rubbing one another raw. Men who go this route should look for hypo-allergenic products, however, as sensitive skin can sometimes react to products that contain a plethora of perfumes, dyes and other irritant ingredients. Some lubricants can also eat away latex condoms, so men who rely on barrier protection like this might need to be choosy and stick to products that are designed to work in concert with condoms.

3. Plan the Attack

Penis injuries often occur when the two partners aren't relying on the same choreography. If a man moves to the right while his partner moves to the left, the penis could get caught in the middle and pulled, pushed or even snapped in the process. Studying the kama sutra together might not be every partner's idea of an excellent first date, but using simple directional terms during sex can help both partners to understand how they should be moving. Commands can also add a little verbal spice to an encounter, making things a bit more interesting than they might otherwise be.

4. Clean Up Together

At the end of a healthy romp in the sheets, taking a little time to clean up and clean off could be an excellent way to keep the party moving forward. Couples can cuddle as they clean, and they can get to know one another's bodies in a less hurried manner. Cleaning can also have intensive health benefits for the penis, as a wash can help to remove:

  • Spermicidal gels from condoms
  • Leftover lubricant
  • Sweat
  • Body lotion
  • Discharge of an intimate nature

All of these substances can harden and stick to the penis when the sex is complete, and they can lead to irritation and penis pain in the hours to come. Washing removes all of those irritants, and adding a penis health creme (most experts recommend Man1 Man Oil) can help to trap the moisture of the shower inside delicate penis tissue. Skin that's moisturized and nourished in this manner will feel smooth and soft, and it will respond with ease to the touch of almost any partner, with no pain at all.

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