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Expectations You Should Have After a Wrist PT

by advinrosa

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If you have been experiencing severe Wrist pain and are planning to undergo Wrist PT then it is definitely a good way to heal the injury but wondering what should you expect after Wrist PT then read on this post to get an idea on the same

Wrist Pain is generally caused because of improper movement, sudden movement or overuse which results in compression of the nerves of your arms and the wrist at the cervical spine which will cause burning, tingling and numbness. The common kinds of Wrist Pain include Golfer’s Elbow, Tennis Elbow nevertheless you need not play these games. Conditions such as RSI or CTD are less common but difficult to deal with as they do not just involve Wrist Pain but as well consist of Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Wrist PT is not required of all kinds of Wrist Pain and using over the counter pain killers or Ice Packs can actually relieve minor Wrist Pains. However experts suggest that you take the guidance and assistance of Physiotherapist to undergo Wrist PT only if the Wrist Pain exists for more than 2 weeks or is having multiple episodes of discomfort all through the year. Your general physician will recommend you to a Physiotherapist if required but this might not be the case always as it completely depends on the kind of insurance coverage you have. When you begin with Wrist PT the physiotherapist will ask you various questions on the various factors that cause pain, how you got injured and your present level of discomfortness. For the reason that playing tennis or golf, paying any musical instrument or working at office desk can actually cause Wrist Injury the physiotherapist will ask you questions on the aspects of participation in these activities.

If you have priorly visited a chiropractor, acupuncturist, health care provider or a general physician the physiotherapist will want to see all those medical records that are available with regards to the Wrist Treatment Plan so that he can tailor the Wrist PT program as per the needs. After the Wrist Physical therapy program you will be subject to regular physical examinations to assess the progress of mobility of your Wrist, reflexes and to check if certain movements actually aggravate your symptoms. Your therapy treatment plan can as well consist of Electric Simulation or Ultrasound therapies based on the needs. As well the therapists will train you in the various relaxation techniques and provide massage sessions as a part of the Wrist Physical therapy. Despite the fact that main motive of Wrist Physical therapy is to relive your pain but a good physiotherapist will provide you with the necessary after care steps so that you do not end up with another episode of it.

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