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Benefits of Hiring an Online Personal Assistant

by CharlesPeterson

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It’s always a hard-hitting task for a green field venture to decide on whether to hire a virtual assistant, or to handle everything on its own. In addition, for a home start up, it also becomes difficult to accommodate the assistant’s workplace. However, with all that a startup business demands, it’s convenient to outsource some of the business tasks to an online personal assistant.

Let’s discuss why a virtual assistant works in favour of a start up.

Time and Value

Outsourcing your jobs to an online assistant will dramatically shrink your secretarial tasks and add to your time to commit for the growth of your business. If you look into the value proposition of the model, the per hour outlay on a virtual assistant is much less in comparison to the real value you create for your business.


To hire a fulltime in-house personal assistant would be an additional outlay of a fixed salary, benefits, entitlements, and training for a person. This generally is simply unaffordable and an avoidable outflow for start-ups. As an alternative, a monthly flexible fee paid for the services rendered by online assistants is lucrative for start-ups.

Outlining Business Processes

The start up company requires outlining the workflow processes for marketing, sales, and administrative tasks, ahead of hiring the personnel for respective functions. A virtual personal assistantcan do an incredible job in putting the written process documents for a start up, saving time for the founders.

Business Communications

A start up requires being very active on networking and social media along with general communications on emails. An online assistant can come to aid in handling company emails, sales queries, live chat windows and getting the onerous task of month-end reports on time. A virtual personal assistant can competently manage all these jobs at a negligible cost to the start up.

Reaching the Market

In a start up, when you launch your product, all the back end processes need to be streamlined, along with collection of post launch queries and feedback from the market. An online assistant works proficiently to take care of all the pre and post launch activities so that you can focus on the product launch.

Iteration and relaunch

The initial product launch is never streamlined and do encompass teething issues. Quite a few times, there might be requirements to iterate and relaunch the product quickly. An onlineassistant collects andfocuses on customer’s feedback for businesses to act upon and make modifications or additions on their product.

Most entrepreneurs need a paradigm shift of their thought process to outsource some business work to an online personal assistant to ease the company’s overheads, and at the same time, not bring in any compromise on business processes.

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