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Plain vs. Flavored: What to Get from Frozen Yogurt Stores

by josephcarr

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Yogurt is commonly served with an assortment of fruits, nuts and even syrup on top. In its stripped down shape, yogurt tastes sour due to the fermentation process that tears apart milk proteins and sugars. To invite consumers, successful frozen yogurt stores accordingly serve yogurt in diverse flavors.

However, there is a silver lining to yogurt's rather tart flavor; if you are lowering calories, you will observe that simple yogurt is the best selection. In a contrast of four types of yogurt (all from one brand name ), plain yogurt reportedly consists of the least amount of calories (nearly around 20 to 50 calories lower than flavored ones). This discovery makes good sense, factoring in that plain yogurt shouldn't include any nuts, berries, syrups, fruits, and others.

Plain yogurt furthermore has a lower sugar content, due to the bacteria that break down lactose sugars present in milk. In contrast, fruits and syrups in yogurt incorporate as much as 20 grams of sugar a serving. Such a comparison makes it simple to see why yogurt is an appropriate food for diabetics and weight watchers who are heedful of their sugar content.

With flavored yogurt, the average adult or child carries out 15 percent of his overall daily requirement of carbohydrates, which is 130 grams. Plain yogurt contains roughly half as many sugar as flavored varieties, permitting persons to gain sugar from other sources such as fruits. In this particular case, you can ingest two servings of ordinary yogurt in order to get as much sugar as one serving of flavored yogurt.

Does that indicate that flavored yogurt can be terminated for far healthier, plain yogurt? That may be the case if all people can get used to the sourness of conventional yogurt. If you cannot stand the tart taste, on the other hand, then just stay clear of yogurt put together with sugary fruit blends. Popular frozen yogurt shops generally serve yogurt with bits of fresh fruit, as opposed to some manufactured products that have sugar-rich juice concentrates or flavoring.

Carrying out the proper alternative has healthy benefits in the future. It's not a bad thing to delight in flavored yogurt now and then, but do give plain yogurt an opportunity. To know much more about plain and flavored yogurt, visit related write-ups at and

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