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Update your SEO rule from Experts guidance

by marybalogh

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Introduction The info graphics are great tools to the marketing point of view and these are the methods for cheap also and it is one of the best ideas for creating content and building links to our site and it is very useful if you have a limitation with your budget so it is the best tool to the search engine optimization point of view if we see from the SEO point of view different parts of SEO
which we can improve to make our website visible in search engine results it is a very good practice that to keep in mind small considerations related to SEO we can discuss some of them here such as creation of unique and accurate page title it seems to easy but most of the time people ignore this thing while it is a very important thing and try to understand the significance of the page title and it is the most important area

where we can include well selected keywords but keep in mind don’t try to do key word stuffing here and with the accuracy of the page title it is too necessary to maintain the size of the page title should not more than 70 characters because if you are writing page title more than 70 characters so it is useless because search engine will not show more than 70 characters so 65 to 70 characters are best for the page title .Page title is important because it will tell to the search engine and user that what is this page related to and are given which type of information to the users .

Structure of your URL

If your page URL is simple to understand so it will convey content information easily so if you are creating descriptive categories and filenames for the documents on your website can not only help you to keep your site better organized but it could also lead to better crawling of your search engines and it will create the friendly URL for those that want to link to your content and users don’t feel good about the extremely long and cryptic URLs that contained few organizable words and if structure of your web URL is not good it may be confusing so that user would have a hard time reciting the URL from memory or creating a link to it and it may be that users will believe that the portion of the URL is unnecessary specially if the URL shows many unrecognizable parameters and due to that it might be that breaking the link.

Simple directory structure- Your directory structure should be designed like this that organizes your content well and makes it easy for visitors to know where they are at on your site and try to avoid deep nesting like of subdirectory and try to avoid keep directory names that have no relation to the content items. With all these thing try to keep navigation in the right place and avoid large and high quality images from your web pages because it will too much time to upload in browsers.

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